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Hamlet's Isolation

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Isolated Essay

In Hamlet, much of the loneliness and suffering he endures is due to the secrets and betrayals he is forced to keep. There were many instances where Hamlet felt alone and upset but he could not share his pain with anyone else. This was a factor that added to his suffering. We can also find many examples of Hamlet’s despair due to betrayal from his so called friends. All of these factors not only contributed heavily to his depression, but caused his overall demise.

Hamlet also feels intense betrayal from his mother. He trusted her and feels like she has disregarded any love she ever felt towards her former husband.

Hamlet also encounters loneliness and despair from Ophelia. As part of Hamlet’s plan to put on an antic disposition he distances himself from Ophelia who he is actually in love with. He does this by insulting her and convincing her that he is mad and never had any true feelings for her. . I loved you not (III; i; 117) Get thee to a nunnery......Marry a fool, for wise men know well enough what monsters you make of them (III; i; 15-17) Hamlet also kills Polonius (by mistake thinking it was Claudius). Both of these incidents cause Ophelia a great deal of grief and so she kills herself. Hamlet is of course devastated because he never actually meant to hurt her. I loved Ophelia. Forty thousand brothers could not with all their quantity of love make up my sum. (V; i; 45-46). This shows how much Hamlet truly loved Ophelia

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The last factor that contributed to Hamlet’s loneliness is the fact that he didn’t share with anyone (except for Horatio) the hatred he had towards his uncle, the loss he had from his mother and the secret of his encounter with his father’s ghost. As well as the murder of his father. If he had told more people his secrets then they probably would have been more willing to help him. The person who could have helped him the most and spared him the most grief is Ophelia. By telling her about his father’s murder and about his plan to avenge his death, Ophelia would have provided him with comfort and understanding.

In conclusion, Hamlets loneliness is caused by many incidents, some of which Hamlet brought on him himself. Secrets, deceptions and despair plagued Hamlet throughout the play, and ultimately caused his overall downfall. In society today it is important we have support from our friends through difficult times. When we alienate people by keeping secrets from them, it is to our disadvantage. We cause our own loneliness.

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