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For many years whales have been victims of a powerful economic interest hunting. Contrary to worldwide opposition, hunters have managed to continue their business without much legal constraints. One of the legal guidelines that exists is the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling. But as the title suggests, this convention only regulates, it does not ban nor prevent whaling from happening. This essay will focus on the commercial implications on whaling and will defend how whaling can be avoided.

One of the countries where this activity has taken place is Japan. For decades, it has contributed substantially to their economy through the manufacturing of soap, oil, and perfumes. In essence many of these products should be, and could be, obtained from renewable resources. The whale’s population has decreased considerably in the past years due to whaler’s abuse. Eskimos have also been attracted to this marine mammal for years. It has been part of their life and culture, while in the past they didn’t hunt in large numbers, however, today, due to technology, Eskimos are hunting much more than what they used to, since now they are exploiting it commercially.

Whale hunters really don’t care for the environment and will keep whaling continuously if not barred from it. The international community needs to respond to these activities by setting forth stronger regulations. The ICRW only offers guidelines for the decrease of whaling but what we need is a total ban of this practice.

In my opinion, all countries that participate in this highly questionable activity should reach a compromise to control and prevent whaling as the only alternative to preserve this harmless mammal.

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