Monday, October 22, 2012

For A Lamb

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Death is defined as the cessation of all vital phenomena without capability of resuscitation, either in animals or plants. Death is much used adjectively and as the first part of a compound, meaning, in general, of or pertaining to death, causing or presaging death; as, deathbed or death bed; deathblow or death blow. The poem, “For The Lamb”, is about death in general along with the circle of life.

Eberhart is using poetry to try and bring together the huge discontinuities he sees in the physical with life, and then later without life as it decomposes. He juxtaposes crude reality with spiritual concepts, and exposes how civilization is based so much on the end and finds it difficult to cope with the present. Eberhart expresses that we all become dead at some stage or another. The persona is describing a scene of a somewhat gruesome death along with a beautiful background. Eberhart is trying to make death seem almost delightful with the use of the daises and “green pillow.” The first stanza tells of a lamb lying on daisies, the scene is serene and peaceful. However, The lamb is dead and its look is compared to that of a deep sleep. The second stanza asks where the lamb is now. Its body is still there but it is not the same. The breezes still carry its plaint, its body fertilizes the daisies and sustains the crows. The tone of the poem is one of renewal despite the topic of death it portrays. The final line is especially interesting Say, theres a lamb in the daisies. This line shows that the lamb lives on in the daisies and the circle of life continues. Eberhart shocks us by his use of two unexpected words putrid lam. We expect the lamb, a creature of innocence, to be playing in the daises there rather than being propped and putrid. These two words stain the poem with emotion of disgust and repulsion.

In conclusion, the poem has aspects of life, death, and the continuity of the life circle. The entire poem is basically about death, but the author also shows something good that comes from death, the grass gets nutrients, therefore the circle of life is continued. Through the poem Eberhart shows that the world does not end after death, no matter what there will be a tomorrow for the world even if there is not a tomorrow for the living.

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