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Description of New England, John Smith

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Captain John Smith brought over the first group of settlers that immigrated to America from Jamestown in 1607. The Puritans then came over with William Bradford in 160 and then more followed over with John Winthrop in 160. Due to the different views and opinions of the New World, each leader painted a different picture of the land and what it had to offer them.

The first viewpoint of the New World came from John Smith. Captain Smith seemed to view the land through the eyes of a child. He saw a land of opportunity and economic wealth. If the people were dedicated and willing to work hard, they would reap the benefits of a land filled with an overabundance of food, “….as good ground, may be had and cost nothing but labor; it seems strange to me, any such should there grow poor” (56). He encouraged them to plant crops, hunt for food and fish to help them survive. It was important for Smith to emphasize the importance of owning land and working to maintain it. But in order for the people to attain land, they had to risk their lives for it.

William Bradford had different views about the New World and the opportunities it had for his people. Spiritual reasons mainly influenced their move. They wanted to live in a land that gave them the freedom to believe the way they wanted and worship without being persecuted by others. By choosing to come to the New World, they had more than just spiritual freedom they had to contend with. It was not an easy trip. They had to endure “….the vast and furious ocean” (78). Unlike Smith, Bradford writes about the lack of people “…to welcome them nor inns to entertain or refresh their weather-beaten bodies” (78). Whereas Smith talks about the abundance of food; Bradford talks about the starvation and the number of people dying. The people were “…infected with scurvy and other diseases” (85) brought on by the long journey to the New World. Smith never mentions the sickness and diseases his people encountered. All of the descriptions that he gave were positive and beautiful, unlike Bradford’s rendition.

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