Monday, October 22, 2012

Can Things Come back to Haunt You?

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There is no doubt in my mind that there are probably two hundred things that have occurred in my life that have come back to haunt me. This is great for the assignment, but the problem is that they are all way too humiliating for school purposes.

Mine all started one school morning, while chatting before the bell rang. My friends and I talked about the television programs the night before, and soon enough the topic changed to not-so-surprisingly, school. It was then that I heard those six dreaded words, “Did you study for the test?” Being the student that I am, or was, I immediately panicked. I asked every possible question about the test, but not one concerning the material it was actually over.

I arrived at class the next period and looked over the test. I again, panicked. Greek gods and goddesses, my personal favorite. I skipped over a third of the test before I realized that I knew two of the multiple-choice answers. The three-page essay was definitely one for me.

The first semester slowly rolled around until the alarming exams stuck their heads in the calendar. I had planned an entire Saturday and Thursday for the sole purpose of studying for the English exam. By the time I had finished studying, I was more than ready.

The other exams went pretty smoothly and the time had come for the much-anticipated English exam. I was sure of everything I studied. However, that was the entire problem. I took my seat in the lunchroom and slowly opened the booklet. The first word on the entire exam, Artemis. “O, no, not this again,” I thought to myself. I skipped number one. Who ever gets the first question anyways? Number two? That was never my lucky number either. I began to see the trend. The entire first page of the exam was definitely the Greek gods and goddesses, again. As I sat in the sweaty chair, I remembered the day I had gone into my English class and not studied at all for the test covering the same material. I feel a little embarrassed and ashamed that I am probably the only freshman who never learned that Artemis was born from Zeus’ head.

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