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Heros Quest

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A Hero’s Quest

There are many heroes in literature from the past and the present. These heroes become

proclaimed people in their society whether they are men or women. However, these figures

cannot become heroes without a quest. The hero is an archetype, but more specifically the quest

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is what defines the accomplishments that one has succeeded. The quest of a hero is seen in men

such as Gilgamesh, Luke Skywalker, and Odysseus. Even though all of these men come from

different time periods, backgrounds, and have achieved different quests, they are all similar as

being a man with a goal. The quest of a hero requires one to undertake a long journey during

which he/she ventures into a region of supernatural wonder, forces are encountered and victory is

won, and the hero comes back with the power to bestow thoughts on man.

One of the earliest quests of a hero was shown in a man named Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh

went on a two-part journey. The first part was when Gilgamesh and his best friend Enkidu sought

to fight the evil beast Humbaba. They defeated the monster together, however Enkidu shortly

dies from being sick.. Gilgamesh therefore becomes afraid and goes on the second part of the

quest seeking immortality. Even though this journey ends up being pointless, he is thought of as

being a hero. This is because he was a wonderful man that defeated the most terrible enemies.

Gilgamesh was a character in the book Gilgamesh which was written on a clay tablet

before Christ was born. Even though this book is quite aged, all of the aspects of an epic hero’s journey are included. Gilgamesh begins a long journey where he faces a monster and comes back

as a strong, kind-hearted hero that improved the situation of the city he ruled.

Another famous journey switches time periods to that of the famed Luke Skywalker. He

begins his quest by leaving a farm in Tatooine to follow his dreams and go among the planets and

droids. He soon thereafter meets Obi-Wan, who is a Jedi Knight. Obi-Wan teaches Luke how to

become a Jedi Knight and especially trains him on the Force. After his training he becomes

acquainted with Han Solo and they set off for their mission to Alderan. There ship becomes

sucked in by the Death Star, however they learn that Princess Leia was there and devise a plan to

rescue her. The mission is successful until he sees his good friend Ben Kenobi become struck

down by Darth Vader, however Luke flees. The journey was not over yet, Luke planned an

attack against the Imperials, and destroyed the Death Star. He became a great hero and was

known everywhere.

Luke Skywalker’s quest is another perfect example of a hero’s journey. Even though

everything about the story is different from the one of Gilgamesh, the general steps of the quest

were the same. In both instances, they set out for a long quest in which they conquered evil

beings and came home as great heroes. Gilgamesh improved his city, while the teachings of Luke

were known throughout the world.

Lastly, are the adventures of Odysseus. Odysseus originally sets out to fight in the battle

of Troy, however ten years have passed and he had still not returned. This is because Odysseus

had encountered many different types of beings, which prevented his return. An example of one

of these beings is the beautiful nymph Calypso who had imprisoned him on her island for years.

Odysseus is finally able to return home, but not without any troubles. He becomes the king of his

island again. Because of his quest, he is able to supply a great story and hope for men who are

seeking a journey.

Odysseus’ journey follows the guidelines of a hero’s quest, just like that of Gilgamesh and

Luke Skywalker. However, it is very easy to tell that the mood of all these stories and quest’s are

much different. As it is shown, it does not matter what kind of story it is or where and when it

was from originally. All that matters for the quest’s to be similar is that the epic hero’s journey

follows the steps of the archetype.

All the characters that have been mentioned are all heroes, but more or less epic heroes.

This is because even though they have gone on great adventures and have conquered, they are

human because of their flaws. Gilgamesh’s flaw is that he afraid of death and denies the fact he

will die. Luke Skywalker’s fault is his temper which in turn causes him to perform dumb actions.

Finally, Odysseus may be one of the few characters in literature that possesses many weaknesses,

but overcomes these. These include pride and sensuality. These weaknesses do not make the

quest any easier, but they do humanize it.

Gilgamesh, Luke Skywalker, and Odysseus are all characters that represent the archetype

of a hero and its quest. The quest of a hero requires one to take a long journey, where he endures

challenges and prevails, and also to return home and bestow his thoughts and achievements

among man. These epic heroes and their quest provide literature with many dazzling stories and

everlasting enjoyment.

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