Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Citizen Kane

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Life Without Love

Everyday parents face difficulties in raising their children. A person’s childhood can determine whether they succeed or fail in life. The movie Citizen Kane, written, directed, and starring Orson Welles demonstrates that children may never have the chance to learn what they need to know to become a successful adult in all areas of life. Charles Foster Kane received endless amounts of opportunities and wealth, but never learned how to love another person. Even though he had numerous assets, Charles Foster Kane suffered his entire life from lack of love.

It is true that a child raised in endless opportunities and wealth would experience all things materialistic in life however, a child raised with love and security may learn the value of love. Charles Foster Kane cared not about his employees, but rather if he profited off their work. His employees strived to do any request Charles Kane presented them with. Charles Kane purchased a newspaper, The Inquirer. He contended to make it the best newspaper, even going to the lengths of buying the staff of a rival newspaper, The Chronicle. In the movie, Charles Foster stated “The news goes on for 4 hours a day.” Charles Kane would force his employees to worklong hours and revise their work many times to meet his standards. Due to the lack of compassion Charles Kane received throughout his childhood, he could not show proper respect and care toward his employees.

Along with struggling with employee relationships, Kane also struggled in his two marriages. He first married the president’s niece, Emily Norton. By marrying her he gained popularity and political power. “Really Charles, people will think....” started Emily, “What I tell them to think!” interrupted Charles. Charles’ controlling ways allowed him to dominate their marriage. The marriage ended when Emily found that another woman, Susan Alexander, had entered Charles’ life. He later married his newly found love, Susan Alexander. Charles Kane showered Susan in gifts, yet he could not generate the most essential feeling of love. This happened because Charles Kane did not receive love in his childhood, therefore could not express his feelings of love.

Besides marriage, another important aspect of Charles Kane’s life involved friendship. One relationship included his best friend, Jedediah Leland. Jedediah Leland worked for Charles Kane as the drama critic for The Inquirer. When Jedediah wrote a truthful, but devastating review about his wife, Susan Alexander, Charles forced their friendship to come to an end. Leland states, “Hello, Charlie. I didn’t know we were talking,” and Charles replies, “Sure we’re speaking, Jedediah you’re fired.” After his friendship ended with Jedediah Leland, Charles Kane never acquired any more true friends. As a child, Charles Kane never learned the skills to become a friend or the value of friendship.

Charles Foster Kane led a childhood full of endless opportunities and wealth, but never learned how to love. He treated his employees poorly, but never realized there was anything wrong in doing so. The marriages of Charles Kane both failed because of his lack of love. The one true friendship Charles had, he destroyed without any regret. Charles Foster Kane referred to his childhood by clinging to a sled called rosebud, this sled symbolizes the childhood of love and security that he needed in his life, but never received.

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