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business reasearch servey

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The Business

Mission Statement

Who are you? PRE General Name of Business. How many countries you export too?

What do you offer?

What do you aim to achieve?

The Company

What is the size of your business?

How many employees do you have?

You are a partnership why?

Why did you not choose a sole trader?

Main Activities, Location and Activities

Does your location affect the business?

Why did you choose that location?

What are your products? List

Name of your Go-Karting parts?

How do you sell them? e.g. Do you get orders monthly?

What percentage of your Go-Karting products do you sell domestically

How do you build your company customer base?

What is the size of your factory and how many machines do you have?

Unique Features

What are your competitive advantages? e.g. you’re always on time, personal delivery

What makes you stand out from other companies?

Do you have any value adding aspects? e.g. Company Logo

Key Management and Staffing Strategies

Outline Management Team

What are the qualifications of your staff?

Can I have a copy of key staff resumes?

Do you have a staffing strategy?

If you did get new staff how would it affect your companies growth and what would they do? Would trained staff be better?


What advisers have you used throughout your business? e.g. accountants, Solicitors and Bankers.

Business Relationships

Do you have strategic alliances with other companies, suppliers, e.g. non-competing partners

Past and Present Performance?

Product and Services


Describe the type of product one by one?

Competitive Analysis

Who are your main competitors?

What do you do better than them?


What factors could hinder your business success or progress? Specifically to your Go-Karting parts. e.g. new competitors coming into the market

Opportunities/Future Developments

What opportunities may arise in the future? Specifically to Go-Karting

How are you going to take advantage of this and how will it affect your products? e.g. is there a new technology coming.

The Process /Operations

Step by step process for your manufacturing of Go-Kart parts.

Quality Control

What processes and standards do you have in place for your product to ensure it meets specification of the product?

Are there any safety requirements, durability you apply to your products?

Strengths and Limitations

What strengths and limitations does your production and manufacturing process have?


Do you have any plans to expand?

Why would you benefit? e.g. smooth operations


What is the size of your factory?

How many staff work in it?

What times do your employees work?

How many employees work on a shift?

How many machines do you have and how many are used specifically for Go-Karting?

Equipment and Material Requirements

List the equipment needed to make Go-Kart parts

What raw materials do you need?

Human Resources

What staff do you require or already employed to run manufacturing and production?


The Market Summary

When your product was first introduced what market did you aim to penetrate?

Where is your market located?

When you were setting up was there market demand for your product?

Do you know what your customers think of you, why they like you and what they think of some key competitors?

Customer Profile

Do you sell to directly to customers or only to other businesses?

Geographic characteristics

Where does your market live?

Demographic characteristics

What is the age, gender, education, job, and level of income, religion and ethnicity of you market?

Psychographic characteristics

Personality, lifestyle what influences the market


How did you go about getting into the market?

What or by what means did you attract your customer? e.g. low price, good quality, or a guarantee

Key factors influencing market

What trends, growths, and setbacks have you noticed in the market that affects the ability to engage your product? e.g. How fast your market has grown? How many people use your product? Is it in big demand?

Pricing policy

What type of approach did you take when originally setting your prices? e.g. try to make your prices cheaper then competitors or same price or even higher because or your uniqueness. Did you engage in psychological pricing that is $1. rather than $.00?


What are your main competitors -5 of them?

What do they do or sell?

Do you know how they operate?

Advertising and promotions

How do you advertise? List may also be promotions such as names best in your line of business.

Sales and distribution

What are all your distribution channels? Like Internet, order, personal delivery and mailing.

Industry analysis

Over view

What is your industry? Who are your colleagues, other companies in the same field?

Trends in industry

What trends, aspects, affect your industry as a whole? e.g. falling mortgage rates would help boost the real estate business.

Price sensitivity

What influenced the price of your products? e.g. exporting may fluctuate in accordance with exchange rates.

Financial Information

Need a copy of your balance sheet, profit and loss, cash flow statement, income and expenditure projection and break-even analysis also any other financial papers but not anything to do with tax. =)


Need a customer listing for Go-Kart parts

Resumes or key employees.

Do you have a company logo or any fancy name printed somewhere?

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