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Alex Rogo is the recently-installed manager of UniCo’s Boringtown plant, one of three plants in the company’s ailing UselessWare division. The plant is a mess, drowning in work-in-process inventory and a backlog of unfilled customer orders. To make matters worse, Alex spends so much time working that his marriage to Julie is failing. The action begins when the division manager gives Alex three months to turn the plant around, or it will be shut down.

Unsure of what to do, Alex seeks the counsel of Jonah, a former physics professor who has discovered that academics is for putzes whereas operations consulting brings in the big bucks while involving almost no work.

Jonah dispenses his advice in dibs and drabs, forcing Alex and his team to rethink the nature of their plant’s operations. They gain the ability to identify production bottlenecks and smooth out the production process, gradually bringing the plant back to profitability.

Well aware that sex sells better than their true subject of interest, Goldratt and Cox pursue a concurrent plot line involving Alex’s marriage. Early on in The Goal, Julie leaves Alex and their seven children to become a heavy metal roadie. In turn, Alex seeks the solace of Stacey, the plant’s inventory control manager, using the growing piles of inventory to hide their illicit encounters in the plant. A potential reconciliation with Julie is destroyed when she discovers Alex and Stacey engaging in throughput in the back seat of Alex’s Buick. The climax of the novel�so to speak�occurs in a controversial passage in which Alex, Stacey, and Bob Donovan engage in a threeway behind final assembly.

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In its second half, The Goal becomes a compelling courtroom drama as Stacey, who is pregnant, files a paternity suit against Alex, and Julie files for divorce. DNA testing and Bayes’ Rule both come into play as we learn that Alex is not the father of any of their seven children.

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