Friday, July 13, 2012

deep exploration of equality

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The Deep exploration of equality

Are society is based on the fact that everything should be equal, but is being equal always a good thing? What if you where equally as smart as Albert Einstein or as good of a basketball player as Michael Jordan, and what if everyone else could too? In the short story, “ Harrison Bergerson, “ Everyone one is equal. No one is smarter, faster, prettier, or talented then the other. To be equal these characters have to go through drastic life changes to become like everybody else, such as wearing mask because they are too pretty, wearing chains that weighed 40 pounds because they where too fast, or wearing a brain control device that would erase your many every 0 seconds just because you knew twelve times twelve and someone else didn’t. Would you go through these changes so you could be like everyone else and not like yourself?

Some people think that being equal is very good but we have to give up many things that we cherish. Being equal can be good because I would get rid of competition and competing who is better that the other. Wars would be over because everyone is equal no one would actually win the war. Homelessness would be eliminated because no one can be richer than the other. That seems like a utopian society, until you see what you have to give up. The main thing you would have to leave behind is your individuality. If you where great at something so would everyone else because you have to be equal. There is no sense of accomplishment because you can’t accomplish what everyone else already did. You would be uncomfortable all of the time because you will have to wear heavy things all of the time. It seems like you would want to be born dumb, slow, and ugly!

There are also many good things that come out living in an equal society. The president of your country will be just as equal as you. Racism will be no more because weather your black, white, or Chinese we are still equal. That’s how thing should be. Children, teens, and adults will not be pressured as much to learn new things or to do well in school. People would be a lot more relaxed and calm if everyone was equal. Kids always want to be like or “ cool “ wont have to have that pressure to because they will be equal as the other kids. Being equal can help us live our lives a lot easier.

There are both good and bad that come with living in an equal utopian society, but is all this worth actually being equal? Some might say that being equal will help us out a lot and which it will, in many ways. Some will say that being equal is not good things because it takes away are individuality. In the short story, “ Harrison Bergerson, “ it seemed as if the government was controlling that decision. The government made them wear things that made thin uncomfortably and the chief of it all was very mean. The chief shot Harrison because he thought different, he was fast, and he was good looking. We should decide if that would be a utopian society not the government. We have to look at the things we must give up to become equal and if some feel strong they might be willing to give up a lot.

In conclusion, if we all want to be equal we are going to have to give up a lot to get it, like in the short story, “ Harrison Begerson. “ We have to give up even more than that, such as are individuality, are talents, and are looks. There is not all bad that can come from being equal, like there would be no more racism, war, or poverty in are society because we all have to be equal. Are these sacrifices worth us being equal? If are society was an equal society all the chaos and bad things that happen will be gone, but also the things that we live for will also be taken always. Everything we do, so can everyone else, so where is the joy of living if everything is the same.

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