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Anthem/The Truman Show

The novel Anthem, by Ayn Rand, and the movie The Truman Show are alike and different in quite a few ways. They both contain alternate realities and mind control. Anthem characters are naïve to the real world, but all the characters, excluding Truman, in The Truman Show knew that everything was a set for a show.

One feature that can be compared and contrasted from Anthem and The Truman Show is alternate realities. Truman is exposed to and lives in a world in which everything and everyone is fake. The world basically revolved around him, and the people would run their lives accordingly preventing him from finding out certain things. The characters in Anthem lived in the dark ages of the future where the government does not want them to find out how the world used to be�during the Unmentionable Times. Basically, all the characters of Anthem were oblivious to the truth. The characters find out that they are individuals, not a unit as was told to them over and over again from the start. For example, on page 6 the narrator, Equality, states, “For the word ‘We’…This word must never be places first with in a mans soul, else it becomes a monster, the root of all evils on earth…and of an unspeakable lie.”

The Truman Show and Anthem both contain mind control as well. In the movie, the director ‘staged’ the death of Truman’s father during a storm at sea. This was done in order to create a fear of water or Truman so he would be too afraid to leave the town, which is surrounded by water. In Anthem, the people were brought up to be terrified of individualism and consequence. They were given a mindset and most of the characters would not even think of going against the ways that they were taught. For example, at the World Council of the Scholars, the scholars were afraid of Equality 7-51. Page 71, “We have much to say to a wretch who have broken all the laws and who boast of their infamy! How dared you think that your mind held greater wisdom than the minds off your brothers?”

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In The Truman Show, Truman was the only one naïve to the ‘reality’ of the town. All the people were actors and actresses who influenced his life greatly. People were told to say things or act in a certain way in order to get Truman to have a particular outlook on life. In Anthem the same theory was relevant, except it pertained to the whole town. There were a select few in ‘high places’ who knew the truth�that many inventions could be re-invented and this was not the normal way of life�but they did not want any of this to happen. Therefor, they brought the people of the town up as a unit�not knowing who their parents are or knowing that there was a world outside of their town.

The Truman Show and Anthem, by Ayn Rand are alike and different in numerous ways. These ways include alternate realities, mind control, and lack of truth. Those three ways are relevant in both the story and the movie.

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