Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Basho and Shen Fu

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Basho was an Eastern poet of the 17th century who redefined the art of haiku with such pieces as, “Come, see real / flowers / of this painful world.” While not as influential or artistic as Basho, Shen fu, with his prose, “Six Records of a Floating Life,” is quite powerful in his descriptions of the everyday life of a government clerk, painter, occasional trader, and a loving husband.

Though “Six Records” has been enjoyed by many since its writing in the 1th century, there is controversy as to its genre. Some call it an autobiography, others say it is a love story; instead I believe it does not matter, it is what it is, that is part of its greatness. Besides, “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” To illustrate the prominence, not only does the elaborate detail of emotions give a feeling of soaring, but the actions and events on which he focuses do as well. This can be seen in scrupulous accounts of a wife’s make-up preparation, descriptions of a location along with the garden he would like to make there, and arrangements of flowers on the table.

Basho is also lacking a category, though none dispute this, leaving it at poetry. His style is so moving; it is better without a name, for a name would take away from the experience. Furthermore, his work tends to be somewhat illogical, making the meaning that much more emotional. For example, “village of no bells - / spring evenings, / what’s to listen for?” As you can see there is a mixture of predictability with the unexpected, which results in sentiments hard to express rationally, this is Basho’s expertise.

Shen Fu, likewise, is a connoisseur of unanticipated imagery, or rather unanticipated subjects of portrayal. In his accounts of traveling afar, he depicts his journey there, the landscapes he saw, his pastime activities on a boat, and a bird he saw flying around, continues with a paragraph or three relating his destination, then lays down twice as much information on the trip back than the trip there. These are the aspects of his writing that captivate the reader, holding him in his chair unable to turn away from the book. As well, the effortless portrayal of characters and their actions create people that could very easily live next door.

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These two authors and their works, though there writing styles differ, are aimed at similar goals and themes. It is the emotions found in and given by nature that they wish to expose. It doesn’t matter if you are writing poems or prose, because there is still some underlying meaning to reveal, and some sentiment you wish the reader to have, and that passion is what unites Shen Fu with Basho, as well as sets them apart from everyone

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