Friday, July 20, 2012

Arts and Acceptance

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What were your initial reactions to the war?

It made me mad that the Communists were invading the south and trying to become a dictator. I couldn’t let go of my country so easily. It was right to go to war with the Communists. I have been trained four years to deal with this so I was calm. I was confident with my training that we could win the war. I had to fight for my country.

During the war, did you associate with people and friends?

I had many friends in the military. I considered a lot of my friends to be my brothers. We went through lots of experiences and survival training together. Some of them died, some of them were in prison with me, some of them have moved to the U.S, and some of them live near by. Every now and then I see one of them on the street and we talk about what’s going on with our lives and family. It’s nice to know they’re doing well after what we’ve been through together.

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Describe one typical day that you lived while fighting in the war?

Some days would have very little action. Other days would be non-stop fighting. I led a troop of 50-60 soldiers. I really hated the jungle. There were so many hiding places. The North was pretty good at guerilla warfare. They would pick my soldiers off one by one. We would do the same thing so it was a very difficult fight. Later in the war we would be sent in if the Communists took a hill, or we would travel to somewhere and wait for the enemy to come. My troops would wait and ambush the enemy or we would have to face them head on for important land. It was rough. I lost many troops… they weren’t just troops. They were my friend and my family away from home.

Did you ever attain any injuries?

I’ve had guns firing very close to my ears. That hurts a lot. Lots of shrapnel and dirt have hit me from exploding bombs and grenades. I didn’t get any bullet wounds. The closest thing that’s happened to me throughout the war was shrapnel. A grenade exploded very close to me, sending shrapnel mostly to my left leg and torso. I was hospitalized for a few days. There are scars all along my left calf, some on my left thigh and very little on my body.

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