Thursday, July 12, 2012

The art of bonsai

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In this chapter the book talked about Erik H. Erikson theory of socialization. His theory stated that during a human’s life they would meet main challenges during eight points in their life. The first stage is during infancy, from birth until about the age of eighteen months. This is the time that infants must begin to trust their parents, and have the feeling of being safe. Their family helps the infant overcome this by spending time with them. The next stage is between the ages of 18 months and three years of age. Here is where they try very hard to take control over their actions. Between the ages of four and five kids learn to interact with their surroundings and try to meet expectations of others. This is when they begin to associate with people other than family members, like children in school. The fourth stage takes place during the ages of six and thirteen. This is when children begin to make friends and choose which peer group they will associate with. In there teen years, teenagers begin to create their own identity. Teenagers are often confused during this stage. The sixth stage is when young adults begin to struggle with intimate relationships and experience the feeling of falling in love. The next dilemma is during middle adulthood. Middle-aged adults try to make differences in other peoples lives. They start to volunteer and get involved in the community. The final stage of life is when older people look back to see their accomplishments in life. They wonder if the made a difference in the lives of others and not just their own.

His theory may helps only a few of us understand the social process, but does not apply to every individual. Everyone doesn’t deal with the same problems in their life. It helped me to understand falling in love in my young adult life, but how will my sister understand it considering she is middle-aged and admits to never falling in love. Som

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