Friday, July 13, 2012


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I was watching the six o’clock Sportscenter, as I always do, trying to find out the scores of the baseball playoffs when commercial time came. As usual, there were Budweiser commercials. This is probably because it is mostly men watching Sportscenter, and a Budweiser commercial focuses on men. This particular one was a sports one; it was part of their line of “true” commercials.

In this commercial, a reporter is interviewing a football player after a loss. He says “who would you blame this loss on,” and the guys says “I’m going to have to place the blame solely on the shoulders of my teammates.” The reporter then says, “what about your 4 fumbles,” and he responds, “My teammates should have been there to recover them. After all, what are teammates for?” In the end, the reporter says, “you know there’s no “I” in team.” The football player says in response, “there ain’t no we either.” Unfortunately for this assignment, there aren’t any specific rhetorical or propaganda techniques used in this commercial. There is kind of a false analogy between him being “honest” about the game and Budweiser being true. The reason it is false is because what the football player believes to be true is absolute nonsense, but he’s telling it like he thinks it is. This is how the advertisers want you to think Budweiser is like not sugar coated and plays you straight.

This commercial portrays this football player as an everyday sports figure. Because of this, the commercial is using the plain folks technique. Budweiser is trying to show you that if you are a person who is true to yourself and your beliefs, then you should drink this beer. Advertising companies are manipulating and evil, but the commercials that come from them are both funny and effective due to certain techniques they use.

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