Thursday, May 31, 2012


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Turn up the Heat


Does color really matter? That is what were going to find out.. The purpose of our project is to see how the color on the outside of a structure affects the temperature on the inside. We had heard it said before that when you wear a black or darker colored shirt it would absorb more heat than if you wore a white shirt, so we wondered if the same would be true when you compare a black house, a white house, and an unpainted house. For our hypothesis we figured the black house would be the hottest and the white house would stay the coolest.

Our procedure was pretty straight forward. First we bought the necessary materials to complete the experiment. These items included Popsicle sticks to build the houses with, glue, scissors, spray paint, and outdoor thermometers. When we had everything together we started making the houses with the Popsicle sticks. This had to be done carefully because the houses all had to be the same exact shape and couldnt have to many open gaps so the heat couldnt escape. After we had completed all three houses we painted them black and white. We left one unpainted. When we set up our experiment the weather wasnt to friendly outside so we had to improvise a little. We did four, thirty minute trials in the dark to represent night time. We also did four, thirty minute trials under a heat lamp.

If there was anything bad about our project I would have to say it was the weather. If it was a nice sunny day then everything would have gone smoothly. Unfortunately our data had to be gathered under a heat lamp and in the dark. In the dark all of the houses were around the same temperature. We conclude that this is because there was no light that could be reflected or absorbed. Under the heat lamp it was a different story. The black house was by far the warmest on most trials. It seemed that the unpainted house was in the middle or really close to the white house during these trials. Doing research we determined that that there is something called reflectivity that determines how much light will be absorbed. When light is absorbed it causes heat. The heat or temperature is how we measured our results. It turned out that our hypothesis was right. The darker colored house was warmest. In conclusion we decided that you dont see a black house that often. You also dont often see an unpainted house even though it stayed about as cool as the white house. This is probably because a painted house looks nicer.

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