Monday, May 7, 2012

What is a Unit Study?

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People have often asked me which method of teaching I employ in my homeschool, to whick I reply, Unit Studies. Almost inevitably, they ask me, So what IS a unit study? A unit study is defined as an in-depth study of a topic (dinosaurs, weather, birds, etc.) that takes into account many areas of the topic at one time (such as science, geography, art, history, etc.) It is a complete immersion of the topic so my children derive the concept as a whole instead of bits and pieces learned throughout their education. Instead of learning about whates in the third grade, the oceans in the fourth grade, explorers in the fifth grade, and sea life in the sixth grade, for example, my children learn about all of these during a unit study of the ocean. My children are exposed to the geography, spelling, vocabulary, and other topics of a subject at one time. In the educational field, a unit study is referred to as cross-curriculum, or crossing over many lines of curriculum at one time. Like myself, many more homeschooling parents are beginning to use the unit study approach as a primary source of instuction, and leaving behind the piles of text and workbooks for each child. Unit studies encourage the use of imagination, creativity, and analytical thinking. Another advantage is that I can teach all of my children the same unit simultaneously while varying the assignments based on the childs capabilities. This saves me time and money, instead of having to buy, assign, teach and check separate workbooks and tests for each child. I am really happy with this method in my homeschool, as well as the joy of teaching my whole family!

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