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I love you,

you love me,

were a happy family,

with a great big hug from a kis from me to you

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dont you say you love me too!

Every wants to be loved everyone once in a while we all need someone to hold onto just like a helpless child!!I am standing by,

All the way.

Here to help me through my day.

I am holding myself up,

When I am weak,

Helping me find what it is I seek.

I catch my own tears,

When I cry.

Pulling me through when the tide is high.

Absorbing my voice

When I talk.

Standing by when I learn to walk.

Just being there,

Through thick and thin

I am me outside and within.


“I Am”

By Brittany Bienker

I am friendly and polite

I wonder what life is about

I hear music

I see such a beautiful night

I want to find my inner strength

I am friendly and polite

I pretend to sing

I feel the sun throughout my hair

I touch an angel’s smile

I worry every day is a transformation, every day is a new sensation, an incarnation, every day is a revelation, onto another destination

I cry when I see someone die

I am friendly and polite

I understand that no ones perfect and we all make mistakes

I say you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take

I dream to spread my wings and fly

I try to be the best I can be

I hope to discover so much more to life

I am friendly and polite

The Word Catholic means “universal” in the sense of being one. The Church is Catholic because Christ is present in church, and we are in God’s house

I am Catholic; it is extremely significant to me because it guides me to God and to the community of Christ. Church is a very meaningful place, it is a time when I want to reflect and pray to God, our Lord. When I go to Church I feel more bounded to God and Christ. Sometimes church can be very boring when I don’t want to pay attention, and I don’t want to be there or I had something planned that day. Going to church helps me become closer to God and gives me time to think. It also influences my decisions; it helps me become a stronger person in the Catholic faith and in difficult times. When I receive the Eucharist in church I am telling God that I believe in him and I want to be healed by his body and blood.

There has been many times when I feel very close to God. He has helped me raise my self-confidence and especially my spirit. He has helped not only me but my family too. When I was confirmed I felt even more attached to God and the community. This sacrament united me with God and it increased the gift of God within me.

I have had experiences when I have doubted if God existed, particularly when my Grandma died from cancer. I felt so angry and sad inside. I wondered couldn’t he have saved her, couldn’t he have done anything? I thought he would support her and my family.

I know God can’t be there all the time, but he does what is best. You make your own decisions and you make your own future. Try to follow the motivation of Jesus Christ. Encourage yourself to become closer, educate yourself in learning about the impact religion has on you, and celebrate the good and bad times to be more Christ-like. God is the center and focus of religious faith, a holy being to which we worship and pray. God is considered the creator or source of everything that exists and is spoken of in terms of perfect characteristics.

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