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i have no idea

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RD July 00

Dear Sir or Madam

Re Kyle Bateman

This is to certify that brought a film in for developing containing photographs for his geography project.

Unfortunately this film has been misplaced at Kodak (Ref. No. 706). The store is endeavouring to trace these photographs but at the time of writing this letter has had little success.

If you require any further information regarding this please contacting the store on telephone number and speaking to the customer service desk.

Yours sincerely

1th October 00

Dear John,

I am writing to inform you that due to my financial circumstances I have had no option but to take a part time position.

Tesco stores has employed me as a customer service assistant. This should not affect my employment with the DWP as the hours I have been contracted are after 5pm.

I hope that this does not cause any concern.

Yours sincerely


Dear Sir or Madam

I am writing with reference to my case, which I submitted on line on the 17th March 00, 15 weeks ago. I did have a previous claim/ offer but due to a change of circumstances and being an honest person informed you immediately.

At the present date my case is still pending as I appreciate are many others, but not for the want to trying to resolve the outstanding issues on my case.

I chased my case for weeks after I submitted it, this was due to the fact that my computer was in melt down and I needed reassurance that you had received my case. I was informed that my case was being processed.

Eventually after considerable time and effort on my behalf endeavouring to be informed of a result, I was then given the information that there was a problem with my case the problem was supposedly there were two applications on going and that my partner had applied as well as myself!

I was then informed this case was being treated as withdrawn.

I received a letter to try and clear up this issue, which I immediately completed and returned, this I had presumed would clarify the matter, also added my office number (I work for Job Centre Plus) and informed you that if there where any further issues that I was available to clear these.

The same day 1th May, I sent this back I received a letter stating that I was not eligible for the child tax credit. As I have two children under the age of 1years and both in full time education I would say that I do!

Since this date I have had no other communications from yourselves, however I have telephoned on various occasions to try and find the state of play, only to be told that either my case was still withdrawn or the latest, 0/06/0 that my case has been sent to verification and that it was showing a failure code and that it is now suspended! And to top it off the young lady at the other end of the phone has no idea as what to do next! At least she was being honest.

So this is why I am now resorting to put pen to paper, I am totally lost, have no idea which way to turn, as a member of public I could go into Job Centre Plus and they can assist in some way but as a member of staff I am discriminated against, and still no further to clearing this mess!

I would be extremely grateful if you could sort out this unholy mess, as a member of Job Centre Plus customer care is supposed to of the ultimate importance, at the present time I feel as if I have been shunted from pillar to post and in between times totally ignored.

As I am sure you can appreciate this is an extremely frustration if not to say worrying situation, therefore I would appreciate a letter from yourselves by return of post with a satisfactory out come.

Yours sincerely

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