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employment relations 1

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Employment or human relations covers all types of interactions among employees such as cooperative efforts, interpersonal and group relationships. The purpose of employment relations it to deal with the people the business employs and the issues arising from their employment. Acquiring, developing, maintaining and motivating staff are all aspects that are covered by the employment relations area. Employment relations are necessary as the employee is the most important part of a business Year Commerce Assignment Research/Report

Define Law

Laws are rules that are binding on the people in a certain community. Whenever people have lived together in groups they have made laws to govern their behaviour and activities.

Outline sources of law

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The three sources of law are as follows,

Legislative The Australian government and each of the state governments have houses of parliament which legislate or make the laws. The Australian parliament make laws which apply to all Australians. The state parliaments make laws which apply to residents and visitors to their states. Laws passed by parliaments are called statute law.

Judiciary The law courts which interpret statute law, are known as judiciary. The courts also decide disputes between individuals and try people who are accused of breaking the law. The way that the court interpret particular laws comes to be accepted as the law itself. Laws of this type are called common law, judge-made law or case law.

Executive The executive includes the governor-general, the political party in government for example the Australian Labour Party, the public service, the police and armed forces. These make up the people who are responsible for administering the law, enforcing it.

Outline 4 differences between CIVIL and CRIMINAL law and the different trial procedure in each

The judiciary consists of the courts which interpret the law. Common law (judge-made, or case law) is law made by judges when they hear cases in court. Most courts in Australia hear criminal and civil cases. Common law is based on decisions made by judges in previous cases over many years.



1. Involves a dispute between individuals.

. It aims at settling a dispute.

. Damages are in the form of financial payment.

4. Include divorce proceedings, claims for debt and disputes involving contracts.


1. Involves breaking the law.

. It aims at settling a dispute.

. It may end in a punishment such as a fine, imprisonment or both.

4. Include theft, assault, failure to pay taxation and driving an unregistered motor vehicle.

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