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The dictionary defines beauty as, “loveliness; good looks; pleasing, attractive person or thing.” For the most part, the definition of beauty places an emphasis on the physical appearance of an object or a being. We have all met people who made our heads turn because their features were extremely pleasing to our eyes. We have also met many individuals who have made our heads turn because their outward appearance was so unique that we had to make sure we really had just seen what we thought we had seen. Physical features are usually what people take in as their first impression of someone or something. Once we get past the physical, we begin to search for the inner beauty, which can be found in the personality or actions of a being. This is the lasting impression that we keep with us. My idea of beauty, according to social standards, is extremely unconventional.

If you asked the next person you approached to name just one famous person that they thought was beautiful, they would most likely state the obvious. Some people would say that Ben Affleck (Daredevil), Leonardo DiCaprio (Titanic), and Matt Damon (Good Will Hunting) are beautiful. Others would say that Jennifer Lopez (Selena), Sandra Bullock (Miss Congeniality), and Julia Roberts (Erin Brochovich) are beautiful. Though all of these movie stars are pleasant to look at, I do not enjoy their appearance as much as say, Adrien Brody (The Pianist), or Maura Tierney (TV’s ER), because they have unique features that you do not find in people everyday. You also find yourself looking deeper than their outer beauty to find their attractive factors.

Beauty is not found in perfection, but it can be found in the flaws of a being or an object. It is actually imperfection where I find the beauty in life. Imperfection shows vulnerability, whether it be in an object or a being, whereas perfection shows vanity. Imperfection also shows individuality, which is absolutely beautiful! I find beauty in flaws such as one blue eye and one green eye, a crooked smile, and a gap between those two front teeth. Beauty is found in a blind dog or a cat with only three legs. The crazy professor who wears mismatched earrings, funky florescent clothes, refuses to wear anything on her feet but thick-ass socks and Birkenstock garden clogs, and looks like her hair has just been wind-blown by an industrial sized fan is, well…she is hilarious as well as beautiful.

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Personality characteristics are the true holders of beauty. You know when you are sitting in a movie theater, and someone lets out this big jovial belly laugh when nobody else is laughing? That is beautiful. We all join in the laughter of that one person, because laughter is contagious, especially unexpected laughter. We are caught off guard by that person’s laughter, which shows our vulnerability, and we just cannot help but laugh along.

We have all met the nerdy guy who knows all of the answers, including the meaning of life. When that same nerdy guy who knows all the answers, but cannot figure out how, or summon the courage, to talk to the girl he has a crush on; he is unbelievably beautiful. I want to marry him, argyle socks with plaid shorts and all! This is the guy who will laugh at my really bad jokes, try to make me chicken noodle soup when I am sick, and attend anything that I am involved in. He will be the guy who never leaves my side and adores our children and me. If he wants to go fishing, he takes the kids with him. He tries desperately and fails, but never gives up on teaching the boys to play sports. I find beauty in everything a man like this does, because whether he achieves his goal or not, he continues trying because he loves indiscriminately with all that is in his soul to give.

Beauty is also found in nature. We all love to see the trees changing color in the fall, we love watching the ocean in all of its majesty, and we love looking at the snow-capped mountains. This is because we were meant to be one with nature, and we are drawn to its beauty. The simplest things in nature tend to capture my attention. The shadow a tree casts under the light of a full moon can keep me entertained for hours. The clouds in the sky will become a picture book for children as well as adults. The deer, that seem to be as amused by our looks as we are by their grace, make our morning cup of coffee on the back porch well worthwhile. The way the light shining through the autumn colored leaves of trees stretched down a quiet street creates a misty look, not unlike something we would see in a movie or on a great calendar, stupefies me. All of these are examples of natural untainted beauty.

Beauty is not something that you can buy in clothing, plastic surgery, or basic material items. Beauty just is. Beauty is something deep inside of all of us. You may find beauty at the airport when you witness a family being reunited, in the feeling of wet sand on beach squishing between your toes, in trying to comprehend how many different people have strode upon the sidewalk you are sauntering down, in an author’s colorful imagination, or beauty might be in that old hope chest you inherited from your grandmother. Whatever the case, beauty can be found in every living creature, and every last object on this wonderful planet. You do not need to search for beauty, and you do not need to purchase it; you already have it. Actually, beauty already has you.

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