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Mongolia 81 million years ago. A brooding Oviraptor and her mate prepare to roost for the night. She crouches protectively over her nest, warming her clutch of eggs - including the egg that is almost ready to hatch - as the male lets out piercing squawks across the barren desert. Unbeknown to them, two hungry Velociraptor wait just behind a sand dune to make their attack and shatter this tranquil scene…

The Museum opens its new display of animatronic dinosaurs to the public on Monday 15 September. Situated at the west end of the hugely popular Dinosaurs gallery, the new dinosaur scene, Danger in the Dunes will bring to life a realistic prehistoric desert landscape, featuring four life-size dinosaurs.

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Everybody knows about T. rex and Diplodocus, but we thought it was about time the Natural History Museum presented some of the lesser-known dinosaurs to our visitors, says Dr Angela Milner, Associate Keeper of Palaeontology. Danger in the Dunes will not only show how these creatures looked, moved and may have sounded, but also gives a realistic snapshot of their behaviour based on recent dinosaur discoveries and research.

Oviraptor and Velociraptor were small dinosaurs that lived in Mongolia about 85-75million years ago - during the Cretaceous period. These agile creatures walked on two legs and we now know they were covered in down-like feathers. Oviraptor had no teeth, but had curved, probably horn-covered jaws and unique tooth-like projections in the roof of the mouth to exert pressure on and puncture hard food - maybe shellfish from nearby lakes. Known from the Jurassic Park films, Velociraptor had long legs, long arms, grasping hands, sharply toothed jaws and are thought to have hunted in packs.

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