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Why Our Ancestors Ideology Influence The Way We Interpret Literary Wo

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Around 400 years ago there were many religious debates raging. One of the debates was concerning ideas of sexuality and the aspect religion played in it. The Bible tells us when we find ourselves among those living in a life of sin, we must set ourselves apart from them. The founding fathers of America intended to set their selves and their families apart from the world they considered to be sinful. Our ancestors followed the Bible, as most of us do today. Perhaps in our everyday life we overlook some facts. Even all those years ago there were a lot of the same arguments over sexuality, and some aspects of our life have not recently evolved, they have always been since the beginning of time. The fact that our country was built upon the morals of those people who came to America to set themselves apart from others, the Bible, which they based their lives on, and the type of lives they wanted to lead should not slip from our minds. Today in America, especially in the South, our values and beliefs stem from our ancestors’ ideology from over 400 years ago. It is amazing to think those same ideas and beliefs have changed very little if at all today.

There are different perspectives of sexuality and what defines a man as a man all over the world. As you travel from country-to-country views and opinions of life change. In America, beliefs and perspectives change from region-to-region. Our ancestors instilled such a strong idea of what people should and should not be that today if anyone does not follow that rule they are slapped with a label and are somewhat outcast from our society. People that do not fit correctly into our stereotypes are set apart involuntarily from society today. Upon learning the meanings of works such as Sonnet 0, some people label Shakespeare as a homosexual. From experience I know the South’s idea of a man is one who loves sports, drives big trucks, drinks a lot of beer and goes to church on Sunday. This can largely be attributed to the South’s clinging title as the “Bible Belt.” However, those same applications are not relevant in places such as New York. For example, football in the South is a major event, and other sports such as soccer are not considered to be real sports. Therefore, anyone playing soccer is not a typical southern man because football is a man’s game, but in the North being a soccer player does not demote your manhood. Furthermore, playing any sport at all is no indication of masculinity. By the same token, a man who can write poetry, be sensitive or be feminine cannot be considered a man’s man. Shakespeare was on of those whose writings offended and scared some people. It was considered immoral by some for him to write such poems as Sonnet 0. Writings such as these are illustrations of what prompted religious people to set off for America and set their selves apart. Those who are afraid of something sometimes remove their selves from the conflict rather than dealing with it or accepting something different. Change of belief is one thing that is very difficult and scary for some to do. Therefore, it is easier to simply remove oneself from the situation.

Fear is a strong emotion. Today we are taught at a very early age the roles of men and women. Even the toys we are given as children are indications of what types of lives we should lead. Girls are given tea sets and Barbie dolls, and boys are given balls and gloves. Thus, gender roles and labels are so important they are reiterated in numerous ways throughout childhood and adolescence. We are not only judged by who we are, but by what we are. What we should do to help change all of the influences from our ancestors is to teach children that it is normal and even accepted in some countries to be different. There are teachings of diversity, but most of it does not include sexuality. Even Clemson University does not include sexual orientation among those things not discriminated against in its’ policies. The Bible and our religion set us apart from most countries even today, which are more liberal in terms of sexuality. In America, we are taught to hide our bodies and keep sexual thoughts private. Possibly this is the reason so many people are hesitate to admit they are different from everyone else, and why they strive to be “part of the crowd.”

Thinking of these things in a literary sense one begins to realize it is not just our vocabulary and reading skills that determine how we interpret words when we read. Background also plays a large part in deciphering tools. We are given tools as we are growing up to begin understanding and interpreting meanings. All elements of Sonnet 0 are relevant in understanding what Shakespeare is saying. There are a few indications of the subject of Sonnet 0. The first term that is a clue is “master mistress.” These two words pieced together can have an ambiguous meaning, but used here it clues us in to the object Shakespeare is trying to convey. Also, line five says, “more bright than theirs.” Even taken out of context it is apparent that a comparison is being made a comparison between a man and a woman. From my earlier ways of thinking, poems were supposed to be about love, nature and the women that were loved. It was never taught to me that a poem could be about man who saw parts of himself in another man. Symbolism is one element of poetry, but is sometimes not clearly seen. Works such as Sonnet 0 symbolized lives, which were not considered to be righteous 400 years ago and in some places are not today. However, if being part of another culture and being different can be accepted there can be a deeper understanding of symbols that are used to express ideas.

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Pierre Macherey’s Theory of Literary Production says, “What is important in the work is what it does not say.” Reading the poem and considering the setting of life at the time the poem was written helps gain insight to the underlying meanings. Perhaps, if while we are reading any literature we remember Macherey’s theory and clear our minds of preconceived notions it will be easier to read between the lines. Should our society look past the encryption of our ancestors a difference in culture will not scare or offend us, but will only make us aware of our differences. Literature is about culture. The influences of society are directly related to the author’s writing and the reader’s understanding of what is written and what is not. A perception embracing different beliefs and descriptions brought forth by the author will allow a better view of what is meant

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