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Problem Identification


Cyclists- Most cyclists are concerned with there bikes but some aren¡¯t. Those aren¡¯t usely don¡¯t lock up their bikes. These happen and their bikes get stolen. Cyclists are should have at least locks for there bikes. It¡¯s especially for cyclists because most burglars go for cyclist¡¯s bike as they have expensive bicycles.

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Burglars who want to get hands on bicycle are looking for expensive and excellent bike. They cannot afford to buy the bicycle, so that these people steal other peoples bike. So Cyclists and others buy locks and tie them but the burglars have cracked this locks and they are getting smarter to steal bikes. Now days they have level locks (level high high quality of lock, level low low quality lock) and these make minimum of being robbed. The level high locks are expensive so people don¡¯t buy this lock and uses the low level but this makes maximum of being robbed.


Burglars usually go for everyday house because if they try to steal bicycle from a shop there are risking their life. Nearly everyday house has a bicycle so there are a high percentage of bicycles getting stolen. Burglars usually check in the garage because majority of people put their bicycle in the garage and sometimes don¡¯t lock it because they think it¡¯s safe in the garage. It is not safe to put in garage even though garage is shut properly. Burglars use lots of tools to steal items.


Bicycles are getting lost during at night or when people are not in home. Burglars use common sense and burglars are not futile. Burglars also steal bikes on holiday breaks when nobody is in the house. The time is important for burglars and consumers. Some people put alarm on when they are sleeping incase burglar comes in. I think it¡¯s a very good idea. You never know. In Canada, people don¡¯t lock their doors and they don¡¯t care if burglar comes in and steal their bikes. Th comsumer are very futile. On holiday breaks, people MUST put their alarms on for burglars.


The prices of bicycles are getting more and more expensive. Most of them don¡¯t have alarm. That causes most of the people not to buy bicycles. Then it comes the burglars. Those who want to buy bicycles but they don¡¯t have money, starts to steal from other people. But not all of them, minority of people will argue about the prices. Most people would intend to buy a level high lock or alarm for the bike and don¡¯t buy the new bicycle because they are so expensive. This would make less chance being robbed even though u has not got a good bike. The most expensive bike I have seen was 1000 pounds. Young people would intend to buy expensive bikes such as mountain bikes. Then they don¡¯t lock it and they lose it. Young people (about 14-18) don¡¯t really care about locking their bikes. If they don¡¯t want to lose their bikes, they should lock-up their bikes properly.



¡ÜThe colour of the product will be dark grey or black, because it makes the product dark when it¡¯s at night. I¡¯m making the product dark as burglar will not see the product and trigger the alarm.

¡ÜThe product of the size will be small so that burglar will not be able to spot the product before they disarm it. It¡¯s about 15105(cm)

¡ÜThis product is for cyclists and those who are serious about their bikes. This anti-theft alarm will have a loud buzzer to make the cyclists and others attention.


¡ÜThe position of this product will be on the product. This product will be at the position of where the bottle holder is.

¡ÜThere will be a reed switch on an input and the reed switch will be big for the size of the product.

¡ÜThere will be a buzzer on an output and the buzzer will be small but has a loud effective of noise.


¡ÜOn the product there won¡¯t be any sharp edges so that you do not get a cut on your hand. It will have round edges.

¡ÜThis product will be useless if it was out in the rain. There should be no water near the product.

¡ÜThis product will ONLY take V battery, if others, it will break the product.


¡ÜIt will have a key for the lock. It is better to use a key to turn off and on because that means that burglar would have difficulty to turn off the product.

¡ÜThis product is very easy to use. The key is for turning the product on and off the alarm.


¡ÜMaterials such as transistor and resistors will not cost because we will be getting in the classroom

¡Ümaterials such as reed switch would cost more than pounds and less than 15 pounds.

¡ÜManufacturing will not cost any because we will be doing in classroom.


¡ÜThere aren¡¯t much recycled material used on this product. It has been used on the cover, which is plastic.

¡ÜThe working environment for this product will be dry and normal day. Not snow, rain, ice or underwater.


¡ÜWhen the reed switch or other is triggered, the alarm goes off making sound.

¡ÜYou would need V battery to work this properly.

¡ÜTo turn the alarm off the main switch must be off by keys.


¡ÜTo manufacture this product, I need to use soldering to connect the components together.

¡ÜTo manufacture this product, it will need to mould the casing because it is using a plastic.

¡ÜTo manufacture this product properly then you have to make the PCB the right way and putting the components into it.

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