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It is not surprising to see people smoking wherever we

go. It seems more and more young people are joining

in the smoking team. Why do people smoke? Do they

realize the negative effects smoking can bring to a

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human body? In fact, smoking can be harmful in many

ways and people should quit smoking.

There are many reasons for people to smoke. Lonely

individuals try to kill time by smoking. Some people

think that they can get along easily with those who

smoke if they themselves smoke, as people who share

the same interest can have more common topics to talk

about. Others smoke to relieve their pressure from

work or life. Some female smokers use smoking to keep

themselves slim. Peer pressure is another factor.

Young students smoke only because their friends do and

they don’t want to be singled out. All these are the

main causes for people to smoke.

However, smoking can have many negative effects.

First of all, smoking can cause many diseases. It

can trigger respiratory problems. It can cause dry

and itchy throat; it can make smokers cough; it can

worsen the symptoms of bronchitis. Also, smokers

often tend to have high cholesterols. What’s more,

smokers can get heart disease at a much earlier age

and die of heart attack. What is deadly is that

smoking can cause lung cancer and has been found to be

the course of many other forms of cancer. Thus, many

smokers die young.

Also, smoking can be harmful to young students. As a

matter of fact, smoking can be the cause of a

student’s poor grade. As we all know now, smoking can

cause poor health. When a student smokes, his health

gets affected and thus the student can get sick.

Being sick, a student has to miss school, thus missing

many classes. Having missed his classes, a student is

bound to have low scores in his tests or even fail his

course. Thus young students who smoke can end up

having low grade point average.

What is even worse is that smokers not only suffer

themselves but also bring harm to people around them!

Second hand smoking is now said to be very harmful or

even more harmful to non-smokers. Second hand smokers

can have all the problems smokers have due to the fact

that they breathe in the smoke puffed out from the

smokers. For instance, a husband who smokes affects

his wife and a father who smokes makes his kids sick.

Second hand smoking also kills!

Smoking is harmful to people of all ages. It is

harmful to smokers as well as non-smokers. In short,

smoking makes people lead an unhealthy life and die

premature. Smokers, young or old, should try to quit


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