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Plagiarism is a very controversial item in the university world. Students today can encounter severe consequences when plagiarizing in essays, or even a set of ideas. Plagiarism can be defined in many different ways depending on the severity of its usage. In simple cases, plagiarism can be where a fragment of a essay is directly related to an un-cited source. This is direct plagiarism toward the thought or statement of the original writer or author. In the most serious cases, an entire article is stolen (copied and pasted) and written to an essay without some type of formal citation. Even if the work is somewhat revised, the ideas are not original or opinionated by the plagiarizer, but are taken from the author by unofficial notice. Many universities have made the definition to where it states that “copying ideas” from someone is illegal as well. (

Submission of a paper that completely copies the entire work of someone else is one of the basic types of plagiarism. Even allowing someone to copy one’s own work can be considered to be plagiarism. Plagiarism carries severe consequences, and some of them are as bad as getting expelled from a university. In other minor cases, the punishment may submit to failure on an essay or an other type of writing assignment. (

College students should all realize the importance of plagiarism. What is important is how one should try to avoid this action. With plagiarism, only bad things will happen. Therefore, one that is in the process of writing a paper should be aware of the penalties of plagiarism.

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