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Until now, I had never really paid much attention to this idea of Mcdonaldization. In fact, I never heard of it before. I have been a single parent of one child for 16 years. Looking back, I realize how much my life has become Mcdonaldized. Not only have I been Mcdonlaldized, but my son who is now sixteen has as well.

During the past sixteen years raising my son, working, going to school and trying to maintain some type of social life I welcomed anything that saved me time and made my life easier. As technology advanced I soaked it all up. However, I called it progress. From fast food, to ATM machines, to automated care washes, to todays internet shopping I use it all.

Time goes by so fast, it seems like there no time to think about future results. It seems like just yesterday my son was a baby and there was plenty of time to teach him all the things I thought were important. Today he is almost legally an adult and his basic values and principles have already been learned along with how to function in life. I think I did a pretty good job for the most part. I just wonder how he would manage without Mcdonalds, ATM machines, video games, and the internet. I know for a fact his school work would suffer. He is an honor student, but if they took the internet from him I think he would be lost. When I talk about encyclopedias and libraries, its as if I am talking ancient history. He thinks a card catalog is a wallet for credit cards. Money, is as close as the nearest ATM machine. Cash is only needed for vending machines anyway. If you want to pay for something you use the card. What is a bank all about?? A dining room table is where you put the mail and things when you come in from the garage. By the way how do you get the garage door open when you forget the remote??

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I remember sit down dinners every night, eating out was a treat we usually got on Dads payday. A book report, meant actually reading a book. A research paper was all weekend at the library with books opened all around you. When you bought something you carried your life savings to the store and counted it out to the cashier. A car phone was the invention we thought would be cool and dont believe I ever envisioned an hand held cell phone.

Is this progress or is it ultimately regression? We have come along way in time and convenience. We have also forgotten or given up important skills and traditions of the past. I still not convinced which is better, the generation I grew up in, or this generation my son is growing up in. I am leaning towards my generation.

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