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Chapter 11

Election of 1800-11,1- Jefferson won the election in a close tally. The Election of 1800 was revolutionary because of the peaceful and orderly transfer of power on the basis of an election whose results all parties accepted.

1th Amendment-11,1- Through a technicality in the 1800 election the presidential candidate and Burr, his vice presidential running mate received the same number of electoral votes for the presidency. Under the Constitution the tie could be broken only by the House of Representatives. The 1th amendment reconstructed this technicality.

“We are all Republicans we are all Federalists”- Was Jefferson’s key statement in his inaugural speech in 1800 which meant that even though we are from separate political parties we are all still citizens of the U.S and overall we have the same goal of bettering the nation for years to come.

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Hamiltonian System-14- Hamilton’s plan was to shape the fiscal policies of the administration in such a way as to favor the wealthier groups, they in favor would lend the government monetary and moral support. Hamilton needed confidence from the people so we urged Congress to “fund” the entire national debt at par which was $54 million. Hamilton also wanted to shift the attachment of wealthy creditors from the states to the federal government, which would chain the states more tightly to the federalist cause. In order to get additional revenue Congress made an excise tax on domestic items notably whiskey. It was now 7 cents a gallon. Overall the Hamiltonian System was Hamilton’s system to get the U.S out of debt.

Judiciary Act of 1801-16- The Judiciary Act of 1801 was one of the last laws passed by the Federalists. The Act created sixteen new federal judgeships and other judicial offices.

Midnight Appointments-16- President Adams remained at his desk until nine o’clock in the evening of his last day of office supposedly signing the commissions of the Federalist. And putting the Federalist in judicial posititions.

Marbury v.s Madison-(TEST)- was the 180 Supreme Court case in which Chief Justice Marshall first exercised the power of judicial review

Barbary Coast-17- Pirates of the Barbary Coast had long made a national industry of blackmailing and plundering merchant ships that ventured into the Mediterranean. Many payments were being made to the pirates and the U.S was loosing money. The pasha of Tripoli dissatisfied with his share of protection money declared war on the U.S. This later led to a naval battle.

Louisiana Purchase-06-(AS)- In early 180 Jefferson dispatched James Monroe to Paris to consummate the purchase of Louisiana for the United States. Monroe was instructed to pay up to $10 million for New Orleans and as much land to the east as he could obtain. To the surprise of Americans, Napolean offered to sell all of Louisiana, including the vast territory to the west and north of New Orleans but the U.S paid $15 million for that. The Americans readily agreed though Jefferson worried that he was exceeding his constitutional mandate.

Importance of New Orleans- New Orleans was very important to the U.S because of the access of trade through the Mississippi river also life could be spawned from the water source of the Mississippi.

Jeffersons Dilemma- When Jefferson got news of the purchase he was astonished to know that the U.S had purchased the opposite of what he intended. Jefferson the theorist and former strict constructionist versus the realist and public official had emerged. Where in the constitution was the president authorized to negotiate treaties incorporating a huge new expanse into the union.

Lewis and Clark-0,1- The extent of the vast new Louisiana area was to be explored by Lewis and Clark under the direction of Jefferson. In the spring of 1804 Jefferon sent his personal secretary Lewis and a young army officer Clark to explore the northern part of the Louisiana territory in order to find a direct route to the Pacific Ocean.

War between Britain and France-,- While Britain and France went to war again the U.S was stuck in between and felt the indirect blows of both nations. U.S’ trading partners had been disbanded after the French and Spanish were smashed off the coast. Britain closed the ports under French continental control to foreign shipping including American, unless the vessels first stopped at a British port. Napolean struck back, ordering the seizure of all merchant ships, including American, that entered British ports.

Impressment-- The forcible enlistment of American sailors was a crude form of conscription that the British employed for over four centuries. The British would steal seamen from American ships and then force them to fight.

Chesapeake Incident-4- Britains determination was high lighted during the Chesapeake incident where the British captain bluntly demanded the surrender of 4 alleged deserters.

Embargo Act-4,5- The nations in Europe depended heavily on the United States for raw materials and foodstuffs. In an eager search for an alternative to war, Jefferson reasoned that if America voluntarily cut off its exports the offending powers would be forced to respect its rights. Congress passed the Embargo Act which forbade the export of all goods from the United States whether in American or foreign ships. However, this act was not popular because it also hurt trade within the U.S

Non-Intercourse Act-4,5- Due to the unrest from the Embargo Act, Congress passed the Non-Intercourse act which formally reopened trade with all the nations of the world, except the two most important, England and France.

Macon’s Bill #-6- Since the Non-Intercourse was only good for a year Congress needed another law to uphold American rights so they adopted Macon’s Bill #. The bill stated that while permitting American trade with all the world, it dangled an attractive lure. If either England or France repealed it’s commercial restrictions, America would restore non importation against the non repelling country. In short the U.S would bribe the countries into respecting their rights.

Napolean- Leader of France who tried to take over the world, also complied to Macon’s Bill # but lied and still impressed American seamen.

War Hawks-7- Spawned by a new and youthful nation newcomers to politics known as the War Hawks were weary of hearing how their fathers had “whipped” the British single-handedly. The War Hawks won control of the House of Representatives and elevated to the speakership, Henry Clay. The War Hawks wanted “Free Trade and Sailors’ Rights” as well as free land. Western war hawks were eager to wipe out the Indian threat to the pioneer settlers.

Tecumseh and Prophet-8- Two Shawnee brothers began to weld together a far flung confederacy of all the tribes east of the Mississippi. Theirs was a last desperate attempt to realize the dream of a large scale pan Indian alliance against whites that repeatedly eluded their ancestors.

Tippecanoe & Thames-8,- American general William Henry Harrison advanced upon Tecumseh’s headquarters at Tippencanoe. He forced the Indians from the village and burned it to the ground. Fighting alongside the British, Tecumseh was killed at the Battle of Thames

Horseshoe Bend-- In the South Andrew Jackson inflicted a crushing defeat on the Creek Indians at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend. This victory effectively squashed Indian resistance to white expansion.

Eyes on Canada and Florida-0- The tempting prize of Canada also beckoned from the North. Americans fondly (but wrongly) believed that taking Canada would be absurdly simple. Florida was pimped out too.

Declaration of War-0- The War of 181 split the nation into the Federalist v.s the Jeffersonian Republicans v.s New Englanders who believed there was no need for war.

Why Fight Britain-0- The traditional Republican attachment to France partly explains the choice of foe, as does the visibility of British impressment and the British arming of the Indians. Internal problems also made the U.S battle Britain.

New England Opposition-0- To New Englanders impressment was an old and exaggerated wrong. New England shippers were still making money. New Englanders felt that there was no motive or reason to go to War with Britain.

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