Sunday, April 22, 2012

Julie's perfect day..

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My perfect day

If I got the chance to have my perfect day, it would be like this…..

…… At first I would take a private airplane, where I could get a delicious breakfast. I could look down on the beautiful skies, while relaxing. There would be shown me my favourite movie, “Cruel Intensions”. The plaine would go to my favourit country, wich is England. In the airport I would be recieved by the stars from “ Friends”. Right before we were going to leave the airport would we go into the tax-free shops. In the shops I would get lot’s of free candy. When we have leftet the airport would we drive to, East Sussex, Lower Bevendean, in the city, Brigthon. We would go vistit my hostfamily from when I was on a lanugae travel, in the summer 00. We would all be there for an hour, where we would sit down and chat. Afterwards we would be picked up by a limosine. One of the stars from “Friends”, would pick up a basket, and then tell me that she has packed up a lunch, with all of my farvourite food. We drove to a park were we would spred out a big blancket, were we could sit on. After a few hourers there would come a few men up to us with seven horses. I would look up at “the stars”, and they would tell me that It was a surprise for we. We were going horsebackriding in a forrest not far away. It would be som amazing, with the wind in my hair. It would be better than it would have been if I won a milion dollars! Everything would be absolutly magicly, especially with the beautiful nature. We would be horsebackriding for a few hourers. After we finished it, ew would go in town to Churchill Square and shop. I would get anything I wanted to. We would ran into a petshop, where we would look at tortoises. Wich ofcourse I would get on of. I chose a Russian one, of the same spees as I have a home in Denmark. In the evening we would go to a danish resturant called “Casa Blanca” wich is a spanish name an mean white house. There would be every sort of food there and it would all be very delicious. After dinner the limosine would come and pick us up and drive us to a disco. Inside the disco where all of my friends, but I weren’t aware of that, so they all jumped towards me, when I entered the door, and yell “SURPRISE”. They would scare the “hell” out of me. We would party all night long and when we were to exsorstet to party I would say goodbye to the stars and to my friends and then take the airplane home, where I could get some sleep.

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