Friday, April 13, 2012

Illegal Racing

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Dear readers,

Recently, there has been a debate on the major issue of people racing illegally on

back roads, public streets, and highways. These are some topics for questioning and

concern. First, should cars be able to race just because the automobile is built to?

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Second, should the required age for a driver’s license be increased? Third, should a

driver be prosecuted if they cause an accident while racing their vehicle illegally?

First, should cars be able to race just because the automobile is built to? When people

buy an automobile, they want something that’s going to last a long time, something that

will handle good, and most of all people want something with some power. Now, just

because you buy a really fast car, it doesn’t give you racing rights to race around town

putting your life and the lives of others around you in jeopardy. Just because an

automobile company manufactures a car that can go up to 10 mph doesn’t mean that

the car can function or even handle properly at such a high speed. This major point

should not be taken lightly.

Second, should the required age for a driver’s license be increased? I really don’t

think that it would fix the whole problem. It’s not just teenagers or young adults that are

breaking the law. It’s all age groups, men, women, and young adults. Some people think

that they’re not going to cause an accident. So is racing right or wrong? I think that it’s

only right to race if you are on a supervised track where the right precautions and safety

measures are being taken. It’s wrong and not justified if it’s done on the streets or

highways illegally where people’s lives are put in great danger. People should be aware

that it’s very unsafe to reach speeds over the maximum speed limit wherever it may be


Third, should racers be prosecuted if they cause an accident while racing illegally? A

driver that is so careless and inconsiderate that they can race illegally without thinking

of the consequences this person needs to be punished to the fullest for their actions. If

they are willing to commit the crime they should do the time that is given to them. Maybe

it would teach them just how dangerous this is. Racing illegally puts men, women, and

children in extreme danger. Putting other lives in danger should not be taken lightly.

The next time before you go racing around town think about yourself and other people

around you. Slow down it might take you longer to get there, but at least you have more

of a chance of getting there alive. Also, think of how bad you would feel and how much of

a burden that you would have to carry on your mind for the rest of your life if, you and

some friends were racing down Ming Ave. and hit a mini van head-on killing a whole


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