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How to Find the opposite sex

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The article “Table for 8… Minutes” is a great way to meet new people. This goes to show that people are not afraid to put him or her out there in the dating scene. Even if sometimes you find that you and that person have nothing in common but still made small talk. I am a grand example in my social life where I meet new people in clubs that I join and places I go to where a simple conversation starts. In the next few paragraphs I will explain what makes a person interesting to me and not so interesting by having a simple conversation.

Some of the most effective way that I learned to start a conversation is by getting the person speaking a little about themselves. In order for this to work you would of course have to look interested in what the person is telling you. Once you have learned that you and that person have something in common that would be your queue to jump right into the conversation. This would be a great start if you are getting to know someone new. Even though everyone is different in there own way it does not mean that you may not have anything in common with that person.

I have learned that there are some topics that need to be avoided when just meeting someone new. Politics and religion are the two topics that a person would not want to start a conversation with. You want to make a good impression and not get into a debate about it. This will certainly have the person shy away or even walk away in the middle of the conversation. Also, bragging about one self of there personal accomplishments, that one had achieve, would not be a great way to start talking to someone. This would make that person feel bad about themselves because they missed out on something in there own personal life. Personally, making small talk on something non-controversial would be the best way to go because this way you would not be offending anyone or finding yourself standing there speaking to yourself.

Not only bragging could be a topic to avoid but it can be a boring topic. Why would anyone want to stand and listen to that person talk about themselves? The point of trying to convey conversation would be to have a two way conversation. Lastly, when that person is shy or just not sociable that can be boring also. The point is that you are trying to have a two way conversation not trying to have a one word answer.

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Finally, a turn off after socializing would be body language. Body language can be the most important thing that someone can look for. When having a conversation with someone and you notice that person is looking around the room or having there arms cross staring at you with a blank stare would turn me off in speaking to them again. These are signs that they are not interested in what I have to say but probably not rude enough to leave you standing there on your own. I would rather just have that person excuse there self than to show no interest.

No one says meeting new people is easy but it happen everyday. Once you have learned how to approach others the rest would come natural. I believe in giving that person a chance and not show signs of no interest at all. This would just make it harder on others to approach or be approachable to initiate conversation. The fear of being rejected and not knowing what to say can damper one’s social life. This is why it is in important to always try to give your first impression the best impression that one can give.

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