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Changes in Germany

In the years from 15 to 10, Hitler built up a network of people and groups throughout most of Germany. Germany’s insufficient economic situation and weak leader, gave Hitler the perfect opportunity to gradually take over and completely control Germany. During his reign, almost every aspect of the country, be it political, cultural, or economic, was altered.

Among the changes made by Hitler’s regime, the cultural changes were argueably the most apparent and effective. Before Hitler’s rise to power, the Germans were in a state of distrust with the current government. Hitler’s first goal as fuher, was to gain the hearts and minds of the people, and he did so by taking complete control of their culture. He took control of the television, radio, and magazines. Nothing went into the eyes or ears of the German people that he did not approve. The people fell in love with Hitler. The farms were in trouble and Hitler saved them. In school, which was also governed by Hitler, German History and Physical education were place above all other subjects. Hitler’s cultural views and ideology quickly became those of the German people.

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Among the other changes made by Hitler, the political transformations were very important to his period of influence. He started by taking complete control over the government. First he convinced Paul von Hindenburg, the president at the time, to suspend all civil liberties of the German people. He then passed the Enabling Act, which ganted him the ability to make laws without any legislative approval. This fortified Hitler’s control over Germany and presented the opportunity for him to implement his own personal agenda. He next replaced all labor unions within Germany with the Nazi-controlled German Labor Front. To even more unify his power, he banned all political powers except the Nazi party. With this political overhaul, Hitler corrupted and dominated the German government.

Amongst Hitler’s overhaul of Germany, the economy was also manipulated to fit Hitler’s goals. Hitler started with unemployment, forming the National Labor Service. This forced all men of an able age to go to work. They would go every day and do whatever the government wanted. This provided a job for almost everyone. The people of Germany were also especially willing to give to the government. People would donate life savings and entire pay checks to so called government “charities”, that were nothing more than Nazi collection agencies. People were very willing to help their community. They would have service times when they would all clean or work oe do whatever they could to contribute. This led to a unification of the people and the economy.

Throughout Hitler’s reign, he altered almost every aspect of Germany. He changed the government, the economy, and its politics.

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