Thursday, April 26, 2012

game review

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Loner more like Loser

Leisure is a thing in which I think is very important in day to day life and is something which should be practised by all as it gives people a sense of freedom and more importantly 0 minutes to themselves. After all this has been said and done computer games are creating a dumbed-down generation of children far more disposed to violence than their parents. The tendency to lose control is not due to children absorbing the aggression involved in the computer game itself, but rather to the damage done by stunting the developing mind.

I reviewed a game before I passed this serious judgement called the loner .I dont know what possessed me to buy this but there you go... The Loner is the story of a young fellow whose Dad gets murdered by a mysterious man in a dressing gown, and this young fellows quest for vengance on said nightwear clad nasty.

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Its quite good, but not as perfect as anyone would have you believe. Youre a bloke trying to avenge your fathers death right, so might you just buy a gun and threaten people until you find your way to the relevant gang and shoot them? No, you spend the first (virtual) days asking people if they saw that black car that the baddie and his pals drove. The gameplay largely revolves around finding something out, asking people about what it means, finding out what it means, and then asking the same people about what that meaning means until you find the right one who can tell you.

If you havent picked up the vibe by now, my usually charitable reviews stop here. I dont like this. It is a substandard add-on for an over-rated game. I always felt Unreal was an apt title because it is Its unrealistic and unconvincing. Its Unreal that so many people think its so good. Its Unreal that people rave over it

The dubbing is shit. So much has been made of the attention to detail in the game, and indeed this must have been a monumental labour of love for its creators. Why then, are we not given the option of hearing the games original dialogue, which was also presumably delivered by some decent actors, as opposed to the drunken twits that are used on this attrocious dub? No doubt one of the original developers spent hours, days, weeks on lipsync only to have it stepped on by the virtual graphic designers, who obviously take their target audience for fools. The credibility of the final product is seriously marred by a hasty adaptation.

I conclude this review. I could sit and pick more holes but I aint gonna. Mostly this sucks. Enough said Buy this game, it is very good, but not as good as all that. Okay, sorry?

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