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It was in the summer about a couple of years ago when my so-called best friend really betrayed me as a true friend. We had been best friends ever since the tender age of 5, and what my eyes saw that day had me regret the day I ever met her.

My sister Tammy and I set off for dinner at Red Lobster. I wanted my boyfriend Jimmy at the time to come along. Jimmy, sweetheart would you like to come along for dinner? Its on me! Tammy retorted. I just knew he wanted to tag along knowing the meal was on Tammy, and how big of a cheapskate he was. That’s alright, I’m going over one of the fellas house to watch the game in a few. “he said. I thought nothing of it and grabbed the keys to the car and Tammy and I left.

Let the windows down, its a nice breeze out! Tammy said with a smile on her face. I pressed the button for the windows to lower them, and the breeze of warm summer air hit across my face as soft as tissue. It was like I could smell summer. I put in one of my favorite Cds by Beyonce of Destinys Child. Tammy turned the volume up as loud as it could go. Girl this is my song! I said as I began to snap my fingers. Yeah this my song too! Tammy reiterated. We both sang songs together all the way to the restaurant. It felt good to be out with my sister to enjoy a nice dinner together, since my boyfriend had other plans.

We arrived at the restaurant eager to be seated and served since we both were a bit hungry. What would it be today ladies? a handsome waitress said. Ill have the lobster and shrimp. And Ill have the shrimp scampi platter, my sister said. Will that be all ladies? the waiters ask. Two margaritas! I said. Were enjoying our self today lil sis. I said. The waiter took our menus and returned with our drinks. We talked and sip our margaritas until our food arrived. The aroma of food that filled the restaurant made me even hungrier.

Finally our food arrived and we put our margaritas to the side and began to enjoy our dinner. I then excused myself from the table. Tammy, Im going to the restroom. Ill be back. I got up from the table and proceeded to the restroom. I went in and came out in about 5 minutes.

I opened the bathroom door and I glanced to my left, almost as if I did a double take at what I saw.

I couldnt believe my eyes. I was steamed at what I saw. My boyfriend and my best friend Lisa were at the same table sitting together having dinner. I was astonished. I ran to the table at full force to get some answers. What in the world is going on? They both jump up with disbelief on their faces. Baby listen I can explain. Jimmy retorted. Shut up, I dont want to hear it. You out of all people Lisa! How could you do this to me? I said angrily. My sister ran over to us and couldnt believe it herself. Before Lisa could say anything I wrapped my hands around her neck in intent to choke her to death. Wait let me explain! Lisa screamed. I couldnt hear anything. I was focusing on choking the life out of her, but didnt get far because Jimmy pried me off of her. Stop! Calm down! he said. From a distance I heard someone say, The police are on their way! Sure enough they were on their way. They arrived at the restaurant in minutes and one of the employees said Her, right there officer. pointing at me. I knew I was going down to the station but I didn’t care at all.

The officer slap the cold handcuffs around me and asked Lisa and Jimmy what happened. She came from no where officer and started strangling me! Lisa cried. You’re damn right. Your lucky I didnt kill you. The officer proceeded to lead me out of the restaurant and I yelled at both Jimmy and Lisa Its over, its over with the both of you guys! Im through with you!

It turns out I had to sit in the police station for 10 hours for questioning and fingerprints. I was cold and hungry. I thought to myself it wasnt worth making a big seen over. I know now I have to watch my enemies and watch my friends even closer.

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