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Mockery of McKinley

Mocking is contemptuous or ironic in manner or wit, an object of amusement, a specific act of ridicule or derision. Mockery is commonly associated with editorial cartoons, but what if the alleged is our nations president. Alfred Henry Lewis, the editor of “The Verdict Newspaper , creates a satirical but significant view of the 100 elections.

Lewis first grabs your attention with the clever, eye-popping caricature of Theodore Roosevelt. Assuming, the audience is aware of their popular Vice President in the 100’s. Lewis’ objective is to make incontestable that Roosevelt consumes the entire


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cartoon. His goal is to set up mockery of William McKinley, which he has unquestionably done. The jest of McKinley is not noticed at first, by the reader’s eye until they look closer, to see a tiny man perched on the harness of the Vice President’s horse. Immediately you depict the difference in size and stature, and know that Lewis is trying to get the point across of an overpowerment in government. But wait there is more…………….. the final and most crucial detail of this cartoon is the tiny flag that McKinley is holding, which reads FOR PRESIDENT. The reader has now put the entire cartoon together, and the editorial is fully understood. The mockery is obviously, that the Vice President Roosevelt has more power and influence than President McKinley.

Although, you do not have to be a political animal to understand the message that Lewis was trying to get across, you might not understand the significance of the cartoon unless you know the history behind it all.

McKinley skillfully manipulated both the public and politicians. Yet, his domestic program and achievements were overwhelmed by foreign policy, which Roosevelt excelled in, and came to dominate his administration. Ever a proponent for a healthy economy, he supported creating new foreign markets for United States products. Roosevelt’s well advertised exploits in the Spanish American war propelled his political career. After being elected governor of New York in 188, he received the republican nomination for Vice President in 100 and often seemed to overshadow President McKinley.

Roosevelt’s determination and McKinley’s lack of leadership caused Americans to put more faith into their Vice President, instead of their president elect. Lewis depicts a humorous, yet critical cartoon to the readers of the 100’s. Analyzing the cartoon today, still has an impact on Americans, reminding us that the freedom of speech and press, still stands as it did over 100 years ago.

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new york Mockery of Mckineley.1885

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