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Aristotle’s father, Nichomachus, was born in Stagira. He was working as the personal physician of Amyntas ll. Amyntas ll was the father of Philip of Macedon and grandfather to Alexander the Great. Aristotles parents died when he was young. Aristotle was then raised by Proxenus shortly after his parents’ death. For school, Aristotle went to the school at the Academy, in Athens. At the age of eighteen years old. He left after twenty years old to join a group of Plato’s disciples who lived with Hermeias after Plato’s death in 47 b.c..During school Aristotle was the smartest in his class and named “intelligence of the school” and “reader”. Hermeias was the ruler of the coastal towns of Atarneus and Assos in Asia Minor. After spending three years with Hermeias, Aristotle married Hermeias daughter, Pithias. In 4 or 4 b.c. Philip ll asked Aristotle to supervise his son, Alexander, in education. With the help of Aristotle, Alexander the Great became ruler after his father was assassinated. When Aristotle returned to Athens in 4 b.c. he founded a school called Lyceum. Aristotle’s school, philosophy, and followers were called peripatetic which means walking around. Aristotle usually walked around with his students while teaching. After Alexander died in b.c. Aristotle was charged with impiety by the Athenians. With knowing of what could happen to him, because of Socrates’ fate, he fled to Chalcis. He died in Chalcis a year later.Sophocles was born in Colonus Hippius on 46 b.c..

His father Sophillus, a wealthy armor maker had the best aristocratic education. He led the chorus of youths who celebrated then naval victory at salamis in 480 b.c., when he was 8 he defeated Aeschylus in 468 b.c.. Aeschylus preeminence as a tragic poet had long been unarguemenative , in a dramatic competition. Sophocles was defeated by Eripides in 441 b.c. in one of the annual Athenian dramatic competitions. Before his defeat he had won first prize twenty times and may second prizes, from 468 b.c.. His life coincided with the period of Athenian greatness in 406 b.c..Though not politically active or military inclined the Athenians elected him to high military office twice. When alive Sophocles composed more than 100 plays.

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