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Antigone: A tragedy

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Antigone, daughter of Oedipus, is the more tragic hero in the play “Antigone.”

Her devotion to her family caused her to die a horrible death and lose her love, Haimon.

In the beginning of the play, Antigone asks her sister, Ismene, to bury their brother Polyneices, against King Creon’s wishes to leave it untouched. She knows very well this is against the law of Thebes, but with or without Ismene, Antigone buries her brother.

Antigone is a very strong person and character. Her talking to Ismene, “I am going to bury him. Will you come? Creon is not strong enough to stand in my way.” Here you can see that not even the law will stand in her way to get justice for her family.

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Straight from the beginning of the play, you can tell Antigone and Ismene are two opposites, Ismene, being weak and scared, and Antigone, strong and fearless. Ismene is looking out for herself and worried about her fathers’ impact on Thebes, “Ah sister! Oedipus died, everyone hating him. Think of the danger! Think of what Creon will do!” Antigone gave her an ultimatum, “And now you can prove what you are A true sister, or a traitor to your family.” This all showing, Antigone is strong in character even though of her act of hamartia.

Her downfall was being guilty to the burial of Polyneices. Creon locks her up in a stone vault, pretty much burying her alive. She denies nothing, comes clean to her actions, knowing her punishment. Deep down insider of her, she knows the people of Thebes believe it was the right thing to do. “I should have praise and honor for what I have done. All these men here would praise me were their lips not frozen shut with fear of you.” Creon comes off a very strong leader and he is not going to show favoritism towards family. He showing no mercy on Antigone, and she accepting her destiny…”Your kings, led away to death. You will remember what things I suffer, and at what men’s hands, because I would not transgress the laws of heaven. Come let us wait no longer.”

Antigone never regrets her burying her brother, she only believes it was right. “And yet, as men’s hearts know, I have done no wrong, I have not sinned before God. Or if I have, I shall know the truth in death. But if the guilt lies upon Creon who judged me, then I pray, may his punishment equal my own.”

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