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Alchol for Dummies

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Waking Up Heineken

Heineken goes more than 400 years. They are the world’s number brewer, with $11

billion in sales yearly. Heineken is the closest there is to a global beer brand. They control 7%

of the global market share. The problem is that the $67 billion world beer market is changing.

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Beer consumption is down in the United States and Europe, which accounts for / of their

profits. The beer marketplace is becoming more crowded with new brands, but the number of

players is shrinking. Heineken was one of the first European brewers to recognize the value of

cross-border deals, but is now facing the risk of falling behind more aggressive rivals. Because

of this, there is an air of change at Heineken.

This year will break a six year double digit growth for Heineken. The reasons for this

are a weak global economy, SARS, a rainy summer, and a strong Euro compared to the US

dollar. They will barely match last year’s net profit of $00 million on sales of $11.6 billion.

Over the past year, Heineken’s share price has went down 10%, to just under $7.

Heineken and its sister brand, Amstel Light, together have about % of the market.

They are under increasing attack as more imports and malt based drinks are available. Total beer

consumption in the US has dropped 1% since 000, with stiffer drunk-driving laws. However,

beer imports have grown 16% as consumers are choosing quality over quantity. The top four

brewing companies have less than 1/ of the global market. Brewing companies are acquiring

strong local brands and their distribution networks. The era of global brands is coming, and

Heineken has a head start. They were ranked second to Budweiser, in a global brand survey.

Heineken is recognized everywhere.

The CEO, Anthony Ruys, is pushing Heineken to break from its play-it-safe corporate

culture. The former CEO, Freddy Heineken, was financially conservative and held Heineken

back, even when other companies began to make big ticket acquisitions of other companies.

Heineken is realizing that no company can stand on a single product. They have begun to

acquire other brewers in various parts of the world. The new CEO spent $ billion last year on

a dozen acquisitions. Once the $.1 billion deal to purchase BBAG closes later this year,

Heineken will be the number one beer maker in seven countries in Eastern Europe. They won’t

recover the cost of capital until 007 at the soonest.

Heineken is in danger of becoming a tired, reliable, unexciting brand. To counter this,

Heineken has two new targets; to widen appeal without alienating core customers. They are

trying to capture the twentysomething segment. They created a new silver and green aluminum

bottle that sells in trendy clubs and costs three times the price of Heineken on tap. The top

corporate officers have been traveling to different countries to drink beer with randomly selected

young people to come up with more new marketing ideas. Heineken has arranged tie-ins with

big-budget youth films, such as the Matrix Reloaded. They have also sponsored different

events, such as a house party. Their strategy is beginning to pay off. In the mid-10’s, the

average Heineken drinker was about 40 years old, today the average drinker is in the early 0’s.

Their goal is to push that down to the high 0’s. Heineken is also doing more marketing to

Hispanics, who are one quarter of the US sales.

Heineken may be slower that their competitors, but they have staying power.

With Heineken’s new acquisitions and their new marketing efforts, they are on the right track to

regrowth. It takes a long time to build a brand like Heineken.

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