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Why shouldn't kidnappers kidnapp school children

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The school bell had jus rang, it is the start of a new week for Miss Madeline Thompson as she is a primary school teacher at North Lenehan Christian Community School. Madeline Thompson is 8 years of age, she has taught year 5 for the last years at the local school and Miss Thompson has a boyfriend his name is Derrick Long-bottom. Miss Thompson is a member of the town church, which she attends every Sunday morning and evening.

“So now year 5, who hasnt done their homework this week? I need you to put your hand up so I can record it in my book, you know the punishment for not doing the weekly homework dont you class” said Miss Thomson.

“Yes” the class replied as if it was the hundredth time she had told them what the punishment has been.

“So raise your hand so I can see please, three people this week that is a very good result getting better by the week” said Miss Thompson to the class.

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“I will now ask you to get your maths metals books out and turn to page , class can you please keep the noise level down, excuse me I said to open your books to page of your maths metals book Molly Smith and Jenny Miller without the racket!” Said Miss Thompson in a serious voice.

Molly Smith was usually a quiet young girl that loved reading especially at lunch times, her best friend is Jenny, Molly is 10 years old and is right into her schoolwork. Jenny is very much like Molly in the way she acts towards her schoolwork and reading.

After the class had finished their maths for the day it was nearly recess time, which meant they had to go to the toilet in two straight lines as they did.

Recess was now over and it looked like there was rain coming their way, the sky became more filled with dark clouds by the hour. In the classroom the children were having fun as they worked together in groups making up and rehearsing their thanksgiving night plays as the night was coming up in weeks.

“Have any of the groups so far got anything to show the class or have any groups got any further ideas for the night?” Asked Miss Thomson.

“No” replied Lucas Granger as if he hadnt even started his play. Lucas Granger is 10 years old with an average height and has an ambition to be a police officer when he grows up.

Lunchtime had crept up on the class fast as they were having fun not doing any work.

After coming back from their lunch break John Westwilson, a skinny little boy with bright blonde hair was still talking about how he had won the game of armies that they were playing at lunch, as armies was his favourite game and he was good at it. Along with little Jonnie talking about his armies Kyle Riley, who was 11 years old was bragging about how many goals he had scored in soccer at lunch.

“Ssshhhh” shouted Miss Thompson as she was trying to get all the children to settle down, as it was story time.

Miss Thompson was reading one of Morris Gibson’s books “Buoy Over Board” while the class sat on the floor with the heaters on because it was cold and now about to rain. As Miss Thompson read the children listened and as the book got more exiting as time went on.

Bring! That was the end of school, it was pouring down rain by this time. The whole school moved towards buses and cars quickly as all the students were all ready to go home. As for Anna Peake because she is well off she has a limousine ready out in front of the school to take her home with her butler holding an umbrella so she would not get wet.

That night on the Television it was broadcasted on the 60 news that a -year-old man by the name of Craig Lynch had escaped from jail that very afternoon. Craig is described to be very muscular, a big face and ears that wore a brown hat with a red and yellow striped shirt and blue pants. He was known to have a mental disorder, good at computer hacking, making bombs and the police think he is linked with terrorism.

The next day everyone at school and around the town was talking about it. It has hit the press and the police had to track him down. Most parents from around the community had refused to let their children go to school except for the mothers and fathers that had to work.

By nine o’clock the school bell rang and Miss Thompson had only seven children at school out of her class of twenty-five.

“Well the eight of us can all head up to the computer lab and we shall play some of the schools new games” said Miss Thompson.

They were happy and so was Miss Thompson because she hadnt had any complaints yet that any of them were scared. It was just like they had forgotten about it all.

It was all-quiet as the children walked up to the computer lab. Miss Thompson had just looked over two classrooms down to see a man with all these gadgets on him. She didnt take notice as she was thinking about her boyfriend Derrick and how they had been going out for two years this Friday night.

As it was sort of a long journey from their classroom to the lab the children started to talk softly until it all went silent when the man with the gadgets on him came around the corner out in front of the children and grabbed the teacher Miss Thompson.

“ Now teacher no time for questions tell your children to follow me or else we will about be blasted into many pieces” said the man in a fast, deep and quiet voice.

None of the children thought to run, as they were surprised anything like this would have happened to them. So Miss Thompson told the children that they should follow closely and be quiet.

Miss Thompson now knew who this man was and what he was up to, so she did as she was told. The man that everyone knew by the name of Craig Lynch was leading them to a black 4WD that he had parked in the bus rank and left it running.

“ Get in fast now, all of you, now quick, I am the teacher now” whispered Craig.

As the children were getting into the 4WD one of the kids made a run for it behind a bush, but luckily Craig didnt see it. After they were all in the man drove of with a screech of the tires.

The kid that had escaped quickly ran to the office and explained to whole story and the police were then informed. The search was now on after a year 5 teacher and six students.

In the car the six children sat back shivering with shock and all were very scared.

“Why are you doing this? What is your problem?” Asked Miss Thompson.

“Shut up ok! Just shut up” shouted the man. Now Anna sat with tears running down her eyes.

“So where are you taking us Craig? Asked Miss Thompson.

“How do you know my name?” Said Craig as you could tell he was getting furious.

“Dont you know, havent you heard it’s all over the news and the press? They will have you caught in no time” said Miss Thompson in a cheeky way.

“Well looks like we are going to have to drive far away” said Craig with a voice that sounded that he wasnt concerned at all.

As Craig kept driving he had all the -way radios on in his 4WD so he could listen to what the police and the rest of the emergency services had to say. The children that were taken with Miss Thompson were Lucas Granger, Jenny Miller, Molly Smith, Anna Peake, John West Wilson and Kyle Riley. At this point in time all the kids were settled down a little, but were very scared.

Unexpectedly Craig picked up his mobile phone and dialled 1, telling them who he was and asked to talk to the high police commissioner. Miss Thompson was hoping for best, like as if her prayers had come true, he was now turning himself in she thought. But no that wasnt the case as Craig kept talking.

“I have six children and one teacher hostage and I want a large sum of money” said Craig to Matt Watson who was the police commissioner.

“Ok how much money were you thinking of” said Matt Watson in a calm voice.

“I want $1 million by 6 o’clock tonight and I am armed with large explosives, I will return the hostages one by one after the money is in my hands and just remember with a push of a button there will be a town massacre. I will meet you at the Stafford Hotel in West Lenehan, dont try nothing stupid or else there is always the button“ said Craig.

“Mmm well all right I will be there, I will leave the money in the end cubical of the bathroom ok” replied Matt Watson.

“Yes ok, if I see any of your cars or men around, the button will go off straight away, well bye” said Craig then he hung up.

By now there was no point on driving far away because Craig had to go back to West Lenehan tonight. Craig kept driving then veered onto a bush track just off the side of the main road.

“We will stay here until its time to go to the Stafford” Said Craig

“ Miss Thompson, Kyle and I need to go to the toilet” said little Jonnie in a wining voice.

Craig ended up letting them to go do their business and before Craig knew it Miss Thompson could see police in the bushes around the car. As soon as Kyle and little Jonnie returned from doing their business, they jumped in the car and slammed the door. With a slam of one car door the other car door opened and Craig could feel a gun at his throat. All the police surrounded but held their fire; the bomb squad was there ready to defuse Craigs explosives that he had attached to himself. After everybody was no longer under threat the police took Craig away in the back of a paddy wagon.

Craig was then sentenced to ten years in jail and eighty hours community service. After a year of counselling the children seemed to have calmed down as well as the teacher. The community was shocked about the whole situation, but was relieved after Craig was locked up. It was the talk of the communities that surrounded North Lenehan for many years to come.

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