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The first scene I selected was when Bret, the main character was in his car driving. He had just left a party, he had been drinking. While he was driving, depressing thoughts started running through his mind. He began to think about how his life was dull and wasn’t worth much. He proceeded to close his eyes and take his hands off the wheel. As a result his car swerved in and out of lanes. Finally he hit a teenaged girl named Lea. This scene is significant to the novel due to the fact that Lea’s death leads to main plot of the novel. Without this action Brent would have never gotten away from his boring life with his parents. It also shows that Brent sacrificed somebody in order to give him what he wanted, independence.

As a part of Brent’s repentance he wanted to see lea’s parents. Her father was very upset and wished to take her loss in anger; he wasn’t mentally at the meeting. Lea’s mother started negotiations. Brent was given a bus pass and asked to create whirligigs, in Lea’s honor. Brent’s parents protested, they thought that it was ridicules for there son to travel to each corner of the country by him self and create such ludicrous knickknacks. Brent took no notice of his parents and accepted the bus pass. This even ultimately gave Brent the freedom that he so desired. The rest of the story consists of Brent making these whirligigs, traveling and enjoying his own company.

When Brent was in Portland, Maine, he was staying at a Bead and Breakfast. He found out that he had forgotten the whirling book on the bus. He proceeded to the beach the next day trying to think of what he could build without the book. As he was mapping out plans for his next project when seven or eight grammar school kids approached him and inquired what he was doing. Explained to them what a whirling was and they were excited. Later he found some spare wood and nails and let the kids experiment with wood working. This shows that Brent is finally getting on with his new life; his past life has been left behind him. He is determined to meet new people and make these whirligigs. Brent wants his new life to work, by the end of the book he realizes one way he can do that is learn from past mistakes, not feel so guilty about the past, and tell people about what he did.

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