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Water and Wastewater

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Planning Principles 51

Tutorial Presentation

Water and Wastewater

Proposal Investigate Sustainable Urban Water Systems

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Will Western Australian water supply be able to keep up with increasing demand?

Western Australian water use efficiencies can be improved thorough key areas

Reduce, reuse, recycle.


Water is consumed by industry, agriculture and households. All of these sectors can reduce water use. At the local government level water use can be reduced by encouraging the use of drought tolerant verge treatments rather than reticulated “lawn”. Councils can also recycle green waste into mulch which reduces water requirements. Products such as cross-linked polymers can reduce agricultural water use by up to 0%.


Previously in Western Australia it has been illegal to re-use household greywater to water gardens. Recently the government changed its position on this. There are problems with utilising greywater in gardens including increased phosphorous.


Many local government authorities in Western Australia prohibit the use of domestic Wastewater recycling. One of the problems related to domestic Wastewater recycling is what to do with the water once it is recycled. The average household with a Wastewater treatment plant produces more water than is required to water their garden. What can be done to dispose of the excess treated water?

My tutorial presentation will examine Sustainable Urban Water Systems as an alternative to the traditional “Scheme water” and “infill sewerage”.


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