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typical cold

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Typical Cold? #

In my research the terms that I did not understand were sputum, Pulmonary Function test/hypoxemia, and Nasal Potential Difference. Sputum is a very thick mucus produced in the lungs. The Pulmonary Function Test tests how quickly a person can move air in and out of the lungs. In Sam’s case this test showed that he was hypoxemia which means that there is an not enough oxygen in the blood stream. The Nasal Potential Difference is to test for cystic fibrosis which measures the electro negativity of the mucus membranes. The results of Sam’s test were more electronegative than normal meaning that there is a good chance of cystic fibrosis.

I researched Arterial Blood Parameters, also known as Arterial Blood Gases (ABG). The ABG tests the capability of your lungs to move carbon dioxide and oxygen in and out of the bloodstream. This test is given to assess asthma, cystic fibrosis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other such severe breathing problems. Sam’s pH level was a little higher(7.51) than the average which is 7.4 meaning his blood was more basic than normal.

My hypothesis for Sam is a condition of cystic fibrosis. I further researched cystic fibrosis to be assured that this is the correct diagnosis for Sam’s condition. A symptom of cystic fibrosis that applies to Sam is thick mucus in the lungs, also coughing and wheezing in the chest. It affects sweat glands which explains why Sam was sweating even though he was inside. The Digestive system is also affected which accounts for two of Sam’s symptoms, his greasy stool and his small size. The intestine does not absorb nutrients properly causing Sam to not get the amount of nutrients that a growing child needs therefore causing him to be smaller than normal and this also causes bowel dysfunction or in Sam’s case a greasy and oily stool.

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