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Religion comes from a Latin noun religion. This word denotes both earnest observance of ritual obligation and an inward spirit of reverence. Many followers believe that religion is the doorway to a spiritual reality. Out of all the religions in the world, the largest are Christianity, Judaism, and Buddhism. (Encarta p.1).

Christianity is the youngest religion in the world. It is only about ,000 years old. The birth place of Christianity was Palestine in the Middle East. (Scholastic update p.1). Christianity is the largest religion in the world with 550 million followers or Roman Catholic, 85 million followers of Orthodox, and 0 million followers of Protestant. (Scholastic update p.1).

Christians believe that God so loved the world he gave only begotten son to save us. Also only salvation through belief in Jesus. (Scholastic update p.1). Most Christians look at God and the Bible for answers in life. Some believe that if they read and do what the Bible says that they will get into heaven. (Crim p. 16).

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Christianity only believe in one God or they are monotheistic. They also believe that this is the same God who created time and will end it when it is time. This one God they believe is a just and righteous one. (Severy p. 85).

Christians worship in temples they churches. In some churches they believe that a young child should be baptized as a baby while only when they are saved by God. (Severy p. 85, 44). Within these churches they study out of a book called the Bible, where they look for inspiration. (Crim p. 17).

Judaism was founded in Canaan about 4,000 years ago. The farther of Judaism was Abraham. Today Judaism has about 14 million followers. (Scholastic update p.5).

Jewish and many others who call themselves Jews don’t really practice Judaism. (Crim p. 17). Jews see themselves as suffering witness to God among the nation. (Crim p. 17).

Jews believe that faith holds that God acts through history change events on Earth. In the Jewish life history is important to their way of life. (Crim p. 18). Jews were the first to believe in a single all powerful, spiritual God. (Scholastic update p.7).

Like Christianity the Jews believe that is only one God that created the world. They worship him differently than Christians. They also believe that God gave has law to Moses called the Ten Commandments. (Crim p. 181).

The Jews also worship in temples, but they also worship in synagayus under the teachings of a rabbi. (Scholastic update p.5). Todays largest temples are founded in Israel, but the largest number live in the United States and Canada. In these community they still study the language of Hebrew. (Crim p. 17).

One of the still well known religions is Buddhism. It was founded in India about ,010 years ago. It was founded by an Indian prince named Sidahastha. (Crim p. 14). Buddhism is also called “The way of Elders.” Buddhism’s followers reach 4 million. (Scholastic update p.7).

Buddhist that want things in life are sinners. They believe that the only way to eliminate sins is to stop wanting. (Scholastic update p.7). They also believe that young men become sons of Buddha through a ceremony in which they reenact key parts of the historic Buddha’s search for enlightenment. (Encarta p. 7).

Buddhist only believe that their God, Buddha, created time, but another God would destroy it. In Buddhism, their Gods are not the center of the religion. (Severy p. 7). They also think their God Buddha gave them four noble truths. (Scholastic update p.7).

Most people who are a Buddhist worship in temples high in the mountains of India. the teachers of these temples are called monks. These monks usually don’t life and worship Buddha all day. (Severy p. 7).

With Christianity, Judaism , and Buddhism the largest religion in the world their is always a religion for anyone out there who wants to find it. So if you want to be a Christian , Jew , or Buddhist you are not alone but you would worship different ways.

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