Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Proposition SB-60

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Proposition SB-60 was signed and authorized by Gov.

Gray Davis to be a Law. This law allows undocumented

immigrants to apply for a state driver’s license. The

main controversy of this law is, that by allowing

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undocumented immigrants to obtain a state driver’s

license, laws will be broken and this will open the

door for many forms of fraud.

There will be fraud in voting and in passing one’s

self as a legal resident.

To some extent, issuing a driver’s license to

undocumented immigrants might benefit the state

because it will allow the state to enforce them to

have auto insurance and be more responsible. Many

times drivers have fled a crash because they didn’t

have a license leaving the other driver with a


By issuing a legal license perhaps there will be less

hit and runs. And most importantly there will be more

people with auto insurance.

The downfall on issuing licenses is that it opens

the door to identity fraud. The license not only

identifies you as a legal resident or citizen but it

allows you to vote. Illegal immigrants would have

access to voting without having the right to do so.

Many recalls will be issued due to the fact that the

votes were not all valid.

They can also be used to identify him/herself as a

legal resident. This will allow them to have access

to many rights that are reserved for citizens.

One scary thought is that immigrants will have access

to purchase arms. This opens the door to many more

dangers in the street by allowing more guns in the


The arguments on this issue are very controversial

because although this law will help the state, it can

also be used as a tool for fraud. Of course the

undocumented people support the law because it will

benefit them but it will make it very difficult to

control and monitor when the law is broken and used


The law needs to be revised to better protect the

citizens and the state. The way it has been issued

opens the door for much confusion and

misidentification. It will become very difficult to

illegal immigrants to be identified and it will allow

them to break the laws without being caught.

The law will not benefit the state or the country but

it will assist the undocumented to obtain rights that

are reserved to legal residents and citizens.

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