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polar bears

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Polar bears are well adapted to severe cold. Winter temperatures in the far north often plunge to -40° F or -50° F and can stay that way for days or even weeks. A thick layer of blubber (up to 4.5 inches thick) provides polar bears with such excellent insulation that their body temperature and metabolic rate remain the same even at -4°F. On bitterly cold days with fierce winds, polar bears dig out a shelter in a snow bank and curl up in a tight ball to wait out the storm. Polar bears have more problems with overheating than they do with cold. Even in very cold weather, they quickly overheat when they try to run.

The polar bears main prey is the ringed seal, the most numerous seal in the Arctic. Adult ringed seals reach an average length of 4.1 feet and weigh about 150 pounds. They are padded with a thick layer of blubber. In winter, polar bears capture ringed seals by lying in wait by one of their breathing holes. When the seal rises for air, the polar bear yanks it from the water. At about 0 feet from its prey, the polar bear pounces, killing the seal before it can escape back into the sea. Traditionally, the ringed seal was important not just to the polar bear, but to the coastal Inuit. In addition to eating the seals meat and blubber, the Inuit made the intestines into igloo windows or containers They fashioned tents, mats and clothing from the skin, made tools from the bones, and burned the fat for warmth and light.

Polar bears were once thought to be aimless wanderers, continually on the move across the sea ice. Scientists now believe that polar bears, like other members of the bear family, have distinct territories, or home ranges. While scientists believe that most polar bears limit their travels to a home range of a few hundred miles, one satellite-tracked female surprised researchers by setting off on a trek of some ,000 miles. The power-walking bear began her journey at Alaskas Prudhoe Bay. From there she traveled across the top of the world to Greenland, where she spent the winter before moving on to Canadas Ellesmere Island and back to Greenland again.

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