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plastic surgery

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Good Morning ……..

When you hear of plastic surgery, what do you think of? A Hollywood star trying to delay the effects of aging ? People who want to change the size of their stomachs, breasts, or other body parts?

Sure, those are common images of plastic surgery. And there was a time when older people, those with birth defects, or accident injuries turned to plastic surgery. Today, however with the cost of plastic surgery being cheaper, almost everyone of different income, levels and ages can now consult plastic surgeons.

People can now consult plastic surgeons on matter of personal appearance, simply to feel better about themselves, by changing the normal features they were born with.

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. Plastic surgery cover a very large field and can be considered under the following clinical areas

Such as congenital , trauma ……..

.According to British Association of Plastic Surgeons. In short form (B.A.P.S)

· 0% of the current workload comes from Accident and Emergency Departments.

· Around 50% or patients are directly from general practitioners.

· Approximately 0% of plastic surgical reconstructive work is referred by and often undertaken in collaboration with other surgical specialists.

4.Plastic surgery is a special type of surgery that involves both people’s appearance and their ability to function. However there are many advantages and disadvantages of plastic surgery.

First, let me tell you the advantages of plastic surgery.

· By having a plastic surgery done, an individual can improve their self image and appearance.

(Such as Michael Jackson. He is black and he wanna be white so he going to take

plastic surgery)

· Besides that , it can improve patient’s confidence

· It also improve severe scarring.

(help those people have accident injuries )

· In addition, plastic surgery also help patient to function and to be normal.

Disadvantages of plastic surgery .

· Plastic Surgery is a waste of money

(for example, if you have single eye-lid and want your eye look bigger. So you going for the double eye-lid plastic surgery.

If the surgery unsuccessful . it’s will going to waste your money and maybe your eyes looking worse than previous)

· Discriminate by other people

(some individuals in society today don’t agree with plastic surgery and individuals that goes through a surgery maybe criticized by some people in the society)

· Lastly , you will have side effects if the operation fails.

(as all know Michael Jackson is one of the example…. Because he too overload took the plastic surgery now his nose is unstable…..)

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