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The passengers on a small plane are a quite surprised when the pilots arrive.

The pilots walk up the aisle, both wearing dark glasses. One has a seeing-eye dog, the other is tapping his way with a white-tipped cane.

The cockpit door closes, the engines start up.

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The plane moves faster and faster down the runway. People by the windows realize theyre heading right towards the water at the end of the runway.

Panic ensues. Screams fill the air. At that very moment, the plane lifts smoothly into the air. The passengers relax and laugh a little sheepishly.

Up in the cockpit, the co-pilot turns to the pilot. Yknow, Bob, he says. One day theyre going to scream too late, and were all gonna die.


kjkjfsdjjjfhStory By jessy1

Finally another boring school day is over! Natalie Morton exclaimed as we walked home together after school that one afternoon.

I normally wouldnt talk around her. She was always so pretty tossing her beautiful long dark silky hair back and decorating it with shiny barrettes. I guess in a way you could say I wanted to be like her. Almost all the boys in seventh grade would be drooling over her and the short little dresses she wore.

As for me, I was the total opposite. Always wore my blue jeans and t-shirt. My hair was long and brown but usually held back in a ponytail underneath a cap. I was such a tomboy and most of my friends were males. Natalie and I became friends last year. Shed moved in the neighborhood and immediately befriended me and my best friend Denny.

Denny was a year older than me. He was 1 and in eight grade. Wed been best friends since we were still in diapers. Our parents were best friends as well. Natalie had talked to me first but then turned her attention to Denny. Shed talk about him constantly about how cute she thought he was or how it would be to kiss him.

You know Melanie, you would look really pretty if you wore your hair down and put a skirt one for a change. Natalie was going on again about my appearances. Her big brown eyes eyed me up and down.

I just stayed silent as always holding my books near my chest. I could tell Natalie was already growing her breasts and so could everyone else. She would wear a bra and I would still just wear a tank top underneath since I didn’t have much that needed to be supported.

So have you told Denny about me yet? Im so shy to tell him anything! He is your best friend maybe you can put in a good word for me.

I sighed trying to tune my friend out. I havent told him anything.

She stopped for a moment and whined. Aww come on Mel, you need to try to help me here. I thought we were best friends.

I laughed and kept walking. Best friends? Natalie all you ever do is talk to me about boys. Aren’t best friends supposed to talk about things other than just boys?

She started to walk catching up to me. Well I guess, but what else can be more important to talk about. You know Mel, you need to act more like a girl because people are starting to think differently of you if you know what I mean?

It was no surprise that most of the girls in seventh grade would talk about me. While they were busy in the bathrooms sharing lip gloss or brushing out their long hair, I was out in the fields playing ball with the boys. It never really bothered me until Natalie started pointing out some of the things people said about me. I kept shrugging it all off but Natalie seemed to keep telling me hoping I would change and dress more like a girl.

We were already home and Natalie waved goodbye as we passed by her house first. She had to do her homework and then head on off to ballet class. I only lived a few houses down and Denny lived right next door to me. I got home and went to put my books away. My mother was in the kitchen already beginning to prepare dinner. I put on my old blue jean shorts and a black t-shirt. That afternoon, I didnt even bother with wearing a tank top underneath since it was just Denny I was seeing. I grabbed my red and white baseball cap and was heading out the door. It was a usual routine for me to go over to Dennys after school.

Melanie! Be home by six young lady. I heard my mother call out as I rushed out the door.

Yeah mom Ill be back by six!

I walked over to Dennys house knowing I had to tell him about Natalie. In a way I didnt want to say anything since I knew hed probably want to be like a boyfriend to her. I guess you could say I was selfish not wanting to lose my best friend.

Dennys parents didnt get home from work until about six in the evening. Hed always be alone in the house with his seventeen-year-old sister Leanne. I got to his house and knocked on the door until he came out. He was wearing his usual khaki cargo shorts and a white t-shirt.

Hey Mel. You wanna play some ball for a while?

I nodded and he threw me the baseball and we headed off to a nearby neighborhood park. He carried two baseball gloves and a bat. I tossed the ball up and down in my hands as we walked. It was hot outside and I could see Denny was already breaking a sweat.

So anything interesting happen at school today? He asked with his blue eyes fixed on me.

Not really. Oh well I do have to tell you something.

We began to throw the ball around. Yeah? What?

Natalie Morton really likes you. I began.

He stopped throwing the ball and gave me a strange look. Natalie? No way! Shes so pretty!

I felt a slight disappointment. Yeah she is and she has a huge crush on you.

Denny smiled to himself and looked as if he was daydreaming. Wow. Natalie Morton liking me? Ill be the talk of the whole school.

Yeah youll be a real stud. I said sarcastically.

He began to throw the ball again. I bet all the guys would look up to me.

Denny a lot of guys look up to you now. I mean you are the one of the best if not the best player on the baseball team.

He laughed. Yeah your right. I mean it wouldnt hurt to be good at baseball and good with girls would it.

I rolled my eyes and we kept playing. It was almost five and we decided to go back to Dennys house since it was so hot outside. His sister was in the living room talking on the phone eating some popcorn.

Hi Leanne. I said softly.

Hey Mel, She replied then looked at Denny, Hey dork.

Denny made a face and continued walking towards the kitchen. Im kinda hungry are you? He asked opening up the refrigerator.

I guess so. Do you got cereal?

He smiled and closed the fridge heading towards the pantry. Well lets see we got Captain Crunch, Cocoa Pebbles, and Lucky Charms.

I bit my lip looking at the boxes. Lucky Charms.

Yeah Ill have some too.

He served me my cereal and ate with me. We were watching some talk show that Leanne was watching. It was tasteless television and Leanne knew it was getting dirty so she changed the channel putting on some music videos.

As we finished eating Denny kept staring at me.

What? I asked puzzled.

No. Nothing. I was just…I was just wondering ….if…do you wanna go upstairs and play some Nintendo before my parents get home?

Yeah sure! Just be ready to lose again. I teased.

We headed upstairs to his room, which was always a mess. His bed was overloaded with clothes he hadnt put up. I was about to sit down on his bed when I spotted a pair of his GI Joe briefs. I laughed hard and picked them up throwing them at him.

You still wear stuff like this? I asked not being able to control my laughter.

I saw his face turn red. He quickly shoved the briefs in his drawer. Shut up. I bet you still wear strawberry shortcake underwear.

No I dont! I wear grown up girl underwear.

I saw his face was turning more crimson. He looked so adorable and so shy. So what? I like GI Joe. Besides my mom bought me these. I do usually just wear white briefs I swear!

Oh yeah sure I believe you. I kept taunting.

Whatever, lets just start playing. Ive been practicing Mel and youre going to get your butt whipped.

Oh yeah? Well well just have to see about that!

We played Street fighter for over twenty minutes and I of course was beating him once again. We were hollering too loud it must have been because Leanne came upstairs and knocked on the door telling us to keep it down.

Ooops I didnt know we were that loud! Denny whispered.

Yeah me either. Well Im kicking your butt and I dont want to play. I guess Ill just go home. I started to get up.

No not yet. You still got like thirty minutes until you have to go home. I can show you some of my new comic books if you like?

Deep down I didnt want to leave either. Yeah sure.

He got up quickly and searched inside a box that was in his closet. I stood up for a moment and removed my baseball cap and slipped the rubber band off my hair. My long brown hair fell loose down my shoulders and I was starting to fix it back into a ponytail when I noticed Denny staring at me.

He didnt say anything at first. He just stared closely and I felt myself blush. Mel, youre really pretty with your hair down, He said softly.

I chuckled nervously. Yeah whatever. So what comics do you got?

He didnt respond and walked over to me and stroked my hair. I am serious. He reached down to kiss me softly on my lips.

I jerked back feeling so shocked and nervous. I wanted to kiss him back but never kissed a guy so I wasnt sure how to even start a kiss.

Im sorry Mel. Im so sorry. I said pleading for my forgiveness.

I had to forgive him for but rather to thank him for making my heart flutter and for making me feel so happy at that moment. I got close to him once again and gave him a small peck on the lips as hed done to me.

We both laughed nervously and he pulled me even closer to him putting his skinny arms around me. He was about four inches taller than me so I had to tilt my head back to look at his blue eyes. His blonde hair was a mess from having played outside and I could feel some of his sweat on me.

He pressed his lips now harder on mine. I kept my mouth closed and felt so strange having him try to stick his tongue in my mouth. It was all part of French Kissing, so Id heard. I parted my lips slightly letting him slide his tongue in my mouth. Soon enough our tongues were touching as we experienced our first kiss.

I could feel his arms were shaky just like mine. My legs were so wobbly that I swear if he didnt hold me up I would have fell to the ground. We kissed for a few minutes just exploring each others mouths and swapping saliva.

He finally broke our kiss and stroked my face. I love you Melanie.

Those words were music to my ears. Such lovely words for a young girl to hear. I love you too Denny, I replied in a whisper.

The words just felt so natural to say and never in my life did I think Id be telling Denny how I really felt about him.

His hand was on my waist slowly lifting up my t-shirt. I had no intentions of stopping him either. I felt the cold air of the ceiling fan above us hitting and cooling my skin. His hand crept slowly passing my tummy then moving on to my breasts. I gasped when I felt him first put his hands on my breasts letting his fingers lightly brush my nipples.

I closed my eyes instantly and let him touch me more. I wanted him to keep touching me and never stop. I felt him put his hands on the side of my shirt and pull it off me. I raised my hands voluntarily to give him full access. He stared at my small chest and then at me and back and forth.

You look so nice, he finally managed to say.

I didnt respond. I just grabbed his hands and put them back on my chest. He slid his hands up and down giving me a feeling of excitement between my legs. We kissed again this time more intense. I could now feel the hardness between his legs on my leg. I was so curious to see what it looked like. I had often heard the girls in the bathroom talking about it and some girls even trying to explain what it felt like.

I quickly moved my hand down and grabbed his crotch trying to grab his cock. Denny broke our kiss and led my hand to unbutton his shorts. I felt a rush of excitement in discovering a boys body part. He guided my hand and I undid his button and his zipper came down quickly.

I reached down in his shorts and felt his cock for the first time. It was hard and felt so warm. I carefully pulled it out until I could see it. My eyes widen finally being able to see what all the fuss was about. It must have been about five inches long or so. I could see the dark purple veins through its light pink color. The tip of it was thick and looked sort of like mushroom. It was wet and I could see the slight opening where the wetness was coming from.

He kept looking at me as to see what I would do next. I just held it in my hand and gently massaged it. I saw his eyes close and he began to hum quietly letting me know how good my hand felt. I could feel it twitching in my hand every now and then. I wasnt sure what would happen but I loved just looking at the sight of pleasure on his face.

Yes do it like that. Keep touching it like that! He said in between hard breaths.

I did just that. My hand was now massaging his cock with more grip and pressure. Denny kept his hands on my breasts gently pressing on my nipples letting me stay excited.

He opened up his eyes again suddenly and lowered his head as if he was going to kiss me but instead put his mouth on my breasts. I leaned my body back letting him full access. His mouth was so warm on my nipples as he took turns putting them in his mouth, licking them and sucking them.

That feels so good! I gasped.

He flicked his tongue on my nipples until they were so sensitive. His hands were now sliding down to my buttocks and then back on my waist until he was tugging on my shorts to pull them down.

He looked at me for a moment and grabbed my hand and guided me how to rub his cock.

Do it like this. Just go back and forth. That feels even better!

I followed his instructions and stroked his cock back and forth feeling his veins rub on my hands.

I wanna see if you really wear big girl panties, He said playfully as my shorts zipper was coming down.

He got a peek at my light pink cotton undies and smiled. Melanie, those are such girly panties. You look so beautiful in them.

I couldnt help but blush. His hand reached inside my panties and he searched for the treasure between my legs. I squirmed at first feeling his fingers rub on my clit so lightly. I had to let him know how wonderful that felt.

Denny right there! Do that again! Rub your hand right there! I said excited.

He continued to rub my clit this time pressing his hand hard on it and rubbing it back and forth. He leaned down once again and put one of my nipples in his mouth. I still had his cock gripped tightly in my hand moving my hand back and forth fast now with more determination.

I heard him grunting trying to keep it low. I myself was moaning in his ear. Id often rubbed myself between my legs but having someone else do it for you felt so different. I loved the feeling he was giving me.

Ahhhhh Melanie! Oh Im going to shoot out! Oh God! He groaned quietly

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