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Four Sign

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You’re open to feedback about yourself that will help you eventually spot your true Romeo. Psychologist Sophie Sim-Bate says we all have blind spots�stuff about ourselves that we’re not aware of. If you’re not aware that you can be too sensitive, you might think your boyfriend is too critical when in fact, he’s just teasing you. Another example If you know you tend to get moody sometimes, you’ll avoid taking this out on your boyfriend and give yourself some space. Being aware of your blind spots can minimize friction in a relationship.

Sim-Bate says you can discover these blind spots by listening to what your good friends say about you. She explains, Sometimes, your friends might say, ‘Why are you so sensitive? We’re just teasing you!’ or ‘You’re such a whiner!’ If you’re open to this feedback, you might say, ‘Ah, I’m like that.’ You would then know what personal issues you might be bringing into a relationship. Then, you’ll be able to sincerely tell your boyfriend, It’s not you; it’s me.

You already have several guy friends.

Having guy friends first is level one in the game of relationships. Why move on to level two right away? It’s a good idea to learn the ropes first, to learn the language of the opposite sex before getting romantic with one of them. The more comfortable you are around guys, the more comfortable you’ll eventually be with a boyfriend. If you can see guys as just friends, you won’t always be worrying about how you look when you’re with them. Likewise, you’ll also learn to be a little less self-conscious around a suitor or potential boyfriend. You’ll be able to ride with guy conversation topics�from sports to cars to green jokes. Having guy buds will also help you appreciate them for their inner qualities and not just their looks. Your boyfriend will seem like a friend you happen to be in love with�now that’s comfortable.

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You have an idea of what you like in a guy.

Imagine if the first guy you got to know well became your boyfriend, then your husband. You would never really have gotten the chance to meet other guys and see which ones truly suit you. Sim-Bate says, I know married women who didn’t look beyond the first suitor. They may never know what they want in a man because they didn’t get to go out with different guys. Of course, this doesn’t mean that girls who marry their first high school sweetheart are doomed to suffer a bad marriage. But dating and meeting different guys is simply the less risky route take.

You have your own life.

Feeling neglected because your boyfriend’s playing basketball with his buds? It’s a sign of neediness if you cling to a guy too much or too soon, says Sim-Bate. If you can’t imagine yourself without a boyfriend, that means you don’t have your own life. If you don’t know what to do on a Saturday afternoon without him, then you don’t have your own life. This could suffocate the two of you, says Sim-Bate. If you’re together all the time, you’d be breathing each other’s carbon dioxide! You need some space to do your own thing.

So your crush is still waiting for your response Will you be his date to the school dance or not? You might simply reply, Sure, I’d love to. Or you might suggest you go with a group of friends. Or you might just say no in a fit of panic. Whatever you tell him is the right answer. When it comes to dating, you set your own pace. And no matter how the date turns out�whether you end up liking him more liking him less�you’ll know better what you like in a guy. And

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