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Bless me, ultima

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A Lesson Before Dying

July 1, 00

Pages 100-150

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Symbolism Christmas is now entering this small town and Grant is planning his Christmas play with his students who he teaches. They are all very excited about it. Miss Emma, Grants aunt, and also Reverend Ambrose go to visit Jefferson. Miss Emma always cooks him his favorite food, which must take her plenty of time to make since she is so old. But he still does not eat in front of them, nor does he respond to her or any of them, except to Grant a little. But that is only when Grant goes by himself to see him.

Meanwhile at the children’s Christmas play all of the children’s parents show up, along with Miss Emma, and the Reverend. When Reverend Ambrose goes up in front of everyone to pray before the play has begun he prays that all will be saved in all the jails and that one prisoner will see God. Now to me, I didn’t think that was right at all. They all, except Grant are obsessed in having Jefferson turn into this holy man, when that isn’t Jefferson’s problem. The problem is, is that he’s about to die in a death chair, he’s depressed, angry, lonely. He doesn’t know how to feel about anything or anyone in that matter. And when others call him a hog, then off course that will get stuck into his mind.

The play goes very well, and everyone was pleased on how it turned out. But before the day of the play, Grant and Vivian found themselves in Baton Rouge, where they go to have a few drinks. They seem not happy in bed, Grant says, because of all that is going on. Vivian understands though, she wants Grant to continue his teachings with Jefferson. Its seems like Vivian just also wants acceptance form Grants family too, that’s why she is encouraging him in so many ways. Grant just doesn’t see her feelings though.

Grant had went to visit Jefferson that day, along with bringing him Miss Emma’s home cooked meals. Paul, one of the policemen there, checks to make sure he is cleared to go in every time Grant visits. Paul and Grant have a small relationship building when they walk to Jefferson’s cell. Paul asks questions and so does Grant, they answer each other with hope fro Jefferson. I find the symbolism here because Christmas is coming near and the Reverend and Miss Emma want Jefferson to find God and to have Grant save his soul. Well they seem to use Christmas against Jefferson since that was when God was first born. But if Grant doesn’t care about that, then neither will Jefferson.

All Grant tries to do is convince Jefferson’s that he owes Miss Emma something. He owes her his time and his love. To at least eat her food and talk to her, give her what she wants. That’s all she wants is for you to be a man before you have to go. But there’s just no response but “ I be glad when it’s over. Old hog get him some rest then.”

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