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1. .5 +-.605 is the mean for diamond head and 1. +-1.7 for the bay. No they don’t overlap, because if you ad .605 to the mean of diamond head and subtract 1.7 from the mean of the bay the numbers don’t overlap each other.

. The mussels are in fact significantly bigger in Kahana bay, there is almost a mm difference between the two means. I would choose to conduct a 1-Tailed test, because we just want to check if one was bigger than the other, not which is bigger or smaller, we just want to compare one.

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. Yes I can. I could say the effect is that the Kahana Bay productive sites yield larger mussels in comparison to the Diamond Head unproductive sites.




6. 0 southeast finches and 61 Laysan finches were sampled.

7. The mean for Southeast is .776 and its median is .777 The mean for the Laysan is .75, and its median is .75. This does not suggest skewed distribution. They appear very similar in beak mean width, with only .mm

8. Yes there is a Significant difference because the P value is below .05 and that means that the mean beak widths have a difference between the islands. I used a -Tailed T-tes for variable variances.

. Beak shape would change due to the type and size of food on the islands. We cannot conclusively state that food differences are responsible for beak differences, although they are significantly different. Beak shape could possibly changed due defensive needs for new preditors on the new island they were introduced to.

10. You could determine if those beak difference’s were biologically important by introducing the finches on one island to the other, and look at their survival rate. This could prove if the super small although statistically different beak sizes were biologically important.

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